HBFA - Better ABTs (2nd NZ Nats, 2015)

divadus 1154

Fast advance out of Haas-Bioroid: End the Fun (Thanks, TeamworkCast). Pretty standard fare, barring the singleton Ichi 2.0. Also, Team Sponsorship is a good card and stuff. The Future is Now was useful in the three games I found it (only one of which I would have preferred a Chronos Project).

In actuality, it flopped pretty hard on the day - every single ABT I fired failed on the day (0 ICE installed, 5 agendas trashed). Them's the breaks. Fortunately, Team Sponsorship is a good card, but still.

2 - 2 in Swiss (first round bye); 1 - 1 in Elimination. Was mostly carried by the Noise machine.