NEXT King of England v7

magikot 1975

Version 7 is here.

First you'll notice a much larger agenda density than previous versions. This is to make the deck a little less grind-y and a little faster. It also plays well with the deck's newest substitution of Team Sponsorship for the IT Department. Team Sponsorship also fits the King Arthur theme by being an homage to the old "King Arthur and the Knights of Justice" cartoon from the early 90's.

Gila Hands helps with economy, but could also be a Bifrost Array to trigger more ABT activations. Or Chronos Protocol if your meta is Levy heavy.

Team Sponsorship also overcomes the deck's severe weakness to parasite recursion because nothing stays in archives for long.

16 Oct 2015 esutter479

No Lance? :( I can certainly understand slotting in Ichi 1.0, but damn. I guess I just prefer to use all available influence...just me being OCD.