Hyperspace Toll Road

WayneMcPain 413

This is my Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon deck. It has been doing pretty well at League night and I think its a lot of fun. Gagarin was always an interesting concept but I feel like it fell flat because it lacked some powerful cards that had good synergy with its ability. The Universe of Tomorrow fixed that problem by adding 3 cards that are all particularly good in Gagarin.

First off, Public Support is one of the best cards Weyland has received this whole cycle. The great thing about this card is it isn't just a great card that happens to be Weyland; it thrives in Weyland (especially Gagarin). Rezzed at the beginning of your turn, it demands an immediate answer as it only takes two more turns of being left alone to score a one pointer. Its high trash cost ensures that it is taxing on the runner, whether it is behind ICE or not. It turns on cards like Archer, Corporate Town and Enforcer 1.0. Basically, its a ticking time bomb that forces the Runner to have to make runs he doesn't want to make and spend copious amounts of credits he doesn't want to spend. I have regularly scored 3 points just off Public Support because they Runner was too afraid of losing their cash. That means you are just 2 short Project Atlas away from winning the game.

Next, Expo Grid. This card is a money powerhouse. It doubles the effectiveness of PAD Campaign. It turns a rezzed Jackson Howard into a super PAD Campaign. It gives you money while your Public Support ticks away. And in this deck in particular, it gives Worlds Plaza a reason to be out in a server by itself if you are missing other assets. Its 4 creds to trash in Gagarin, which means no matter what you put in the server with it, the Runner is going to have to spend 8-10 creds to clean that server out even if there is absolutely no ICE in front of it. That's just nasty.

Finally, we have Worlds Plaza. The key to this card is to not get too carried away. Sure it can host up to 3 assets, but you don't want it to do that. Why? Because the Runner can just trash Worlds and you lose all your stuff. Here are the two things Worlds Plaza does: 1) It increases the trash cost of a single rezzed asset. PAD Campaign, Jackson Howard, and Public Support all become 5 creds to trash (6 in Gagarin) if there is only a single hosted on it. But the great thing is, you can host a Jackson with a PAD or Public Support and not have to worry about Worlds Plaza's downside. Just pop your Jackson's paid ability before the runner accesses. 2) Worlds Plaza makes everything else you rez on it cheaper. You'll be cycling through your Public Supports fast if the Runner ignores them. Why not make them free to rez?

These three cards are the crux of this deck. It turns Gagarin into a money and point scoring powerhouse that is extremely taxing with only a few pieces of ICE to defend them. The Runner will either leave your stuff alone and you get rich and score, or he will drain all his precious monies trashing your stuff while you set up your scoring remote and ICE up the centrals.

Everything else in the deck is fairly standard. Pop-up Window, Tollbooth, Eli 1.0 are all taxing. Lotus Field deals with Parasite and Datasucker. Caduceus is a great gear check and Faust-hate card. Tour Guide is surprisingly useful, even with only one sub. Archer is Archer.

I chose to run 2 Underway Renovation over Hostile Takeover because for one, this deck makes a crap ton of money as it is and two, bad pub makes this deck less efficient and the tax is everything in this deck. Also, it is yet another card to distract the Runner and demands an answer before you just mill the hell out of them. You can score it if you want, but you don't really need to unless you are setting up for the win. It is there mostly to force a run.

Anyway, there ya go. Hope you enjoy. I'd love to hear suggestions!

19 Oct 2015 Spica

@WayneMcPain Don't understand how Worlds Plaza "increases the trash cost of a single rezzed asset".

20 Oct 2015 batmanAMA

@spica I think in order to access cards hosted on ot, they have to pay to access wp plus the card hosted.

20 Oct 2015 geekywhale

@Spica To trash the card hosted on World's Plaza, you have to trash World's Plaza. So a 3 Jackson becomes a 5. 6 if you include the credit used to access the remote.

20 Oct 2015 Spica

@geekywhale Ok, got it. Thanks. Now I understand why it raises the trash on a SINGLE ressed asset.

20 Oct 2015 WayneMcPain

Basically, Worlds Plaza gets worse the more you host on it because once you host cards with a higher combined trash cost than Worlds, you are giving the runner an opportunity to save money by trashing Worlds and taking everything else with it. The runner can still trash just a single card hosted on Worlds (like a Jackson for $4), but then they leave Worlds installed and rezzed. Or they can trash Worlds and get rid of both cards, but effectively they spent $6 more to waste your one click to install Worlds in the first place. Sorry if my wording was misleading.

20 Oct 2015 WayneMcPain

Edit: double sorry, that last sentence I meant to say $6 total. In the above example the runner would pay $2 more than he would trash Jackson normally and all the Corp loses is the click to install Worlds.

Since testing this deck more, I will say that I'm not completely sold on World's. It could just as easily be an Executive Boot Camp and possibly provide more utility.

20 Oct 2015 geekywhale

@WayneMcPain Hmmm I see your point. In the end it still might be a better deal for the runner to just hit the World's Plaza.

21 Oct 2015 boehmers

I played this deck yesterday, it's really fun to use! So from the comments above I read that you can still trash a card on World's Plaza without having to trash World's Plaza itself?

21 Oct 2015 WayneMcPain

I believe that is correct, yes. And the runner can choose not to pay the $1 to access Worlds Plaza in that same run. So why use Worlds? It does make PAD and Public Support free to rex, which saves you a hefty bit of money in the long run. Also, having multiple assets protected in a single server means less spread out ice.