Work From Home

FarCryFromHuman 113

This is terrible, but what the hell.

I've got a friend who has been trying to get a Personal Workshop + Pheromones combo to work out of criminal, but due to the high influence cost and difficulty of tutoring PW, it was never viable.

I don't think it works here either, but it isn't far off the mark.

Sunny is already drippy, and Personal Workshop is the ultimate drip card; it's the typical conditional 1 per turn, but you can also accelerate installs off of it during paid ability windows. Sweet.

Pheromones makes you run HQ, and makes it easier every time, but you reach a point with it where you have more tokens on it than you need and the corp has no reason to purge. With PW on the table, this is no longer a problem.

Fester is in there because I'm a jerk and had 3 extra influence that should probably be Medium.

Nerve Agent could be 2x HQ Interface instead, but I already put Fester in here, right?

The rest of the soup is core Sunny and whatever neutral draw I could manage to scrape together. Earthrise Hotel should probably get some slots but I hate installing that card and it doesn't synergize with the rest of the deck.

Gang Sign would make this deck hilariously bipolar, but you'd have to drop a PW and switch to HQIs, and you might as well get rid of Fester and hey that's probably just a better deck.

It's Friday and I'm not working from home. Give me a break.