Never Really Retired

Waltzard 369

Goal of this deck is to hit all the fundamentals.

Breakers: Corroder equivalents of the world, unite! Crypsis for if you hit an aggsec or Archer and get rekt.

Events: Power events from the crim faction. Siphon, Drive buy, inside job.

Economy: 6 drip from underworld contacts and Data Folding. Couple of events because why not.

Multi Access: Medium.

Recursion: Just a few Same Old Things to bring the events back.

Overall game plan:

Run naked early game while that's still a thing you can do. Siphon to prolong. As soon as they start icing get into draw + build mode. Hopefully they don't win in the mid game. They probably pull ahead, activating your Iain powers. Late game you have big drip economy and decent breakers. Just force the runs through. Your link strength also gets pretty high, that and plascretes might let you survive murder plays.

Power plays:

Drive By is a big help, shoot Ash, Caprice, Grids, Junebug, w/ever. If they start pre-rezzing that's already a happy thing for you. If you get the smith and wesson you can 007 them.

Film Critic is Film Critic. Every runner deck should have Film Critic. Iain loves it with his ability, obviously. Keep the agendas sitting on the critic till it is time, to keep the identity sending you creds.

Data Dealer earned his place in a few ways: 1. Shi Kyu and stuff like that, obviously. 2. 15 Minutes is in every deck it can be in. 3. I've often run and grabbed a Vanity or Gov Takeover and understood that I was about to be punitived or Sea Source/Scorched into the ground. Sac for 9 and beat the trace. 4: With Iain sometimes its worth it. Like, they score a 1 pointer. Then you score a 1 pointer. The 9 point injection and the 2 per turn are worth 1 point.