Flip the board (Apex Chess)

tonedef 128

Version 2.2 of the FAQ finally confirmed compatibility between Caissa and Scheherazade, so I thought I'd play with the concept a bit! Street Chess has always been interesting to me, and it gets a nice boost from Wasteland. Apex: Invasive Predator doesn't get the draw boost that Exile: Streethawk does (which is a shame because draw is probably Apex's biggest problem), but I think there might be some nice synergies here.

Knight is a great complement to Endless Hunger, and can help you get through problematic ICE that would otherwise hurt or impede you (such as Neural Katana or Tsurugi). Deep Red gives you MU to work with so you can have both Knights out at once, if needed.

Trying to figure out how to best deal with Apex's biggest weaknesses: draw and Turing. Let me know if you have any ideas.

16 Oct 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Why is Turing a weakness? Endless Hunger (not being an AI program) plows right through it.

Also it makes me sad that your memory isn't being fully utilized. Maybe a single Bishop to make sure they can't as easily over-advance past your breakers?

16 Oct 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Couple of other things:

  • Your deck is focused around this Pawn engine, which is basically just for making money very efficiently, but...Apex doesn't actually need that much money, does he?
  • Why 3 Plascrete Carapace's? I know you had to drop Heartbeat, but plowing through sentries tends to open you up to net damage, not meat damage.
16 Oct 2015 tonedef

@Bigguyforyou518 Turing's subroutine is not "End the run," it's "End the run unless the runner spends , , ". Thematically, I kind of like that it's so problematic for Apex, but it's a pain in the butt (even on a central server).

I'd love to throw in a Rook, but I'm influence-starved. Maybe I should throw in Data Folding to take advantage of the extra Deep Red MU.

16 Oct 2015 PeterCapObvious

@Bigguyforyou518, a quote from the recent rules update.

"• Endless Hunger can only break subroutines that read exactly “| End the run.” It cannot break subroutines that use the words “end the run” as only part of its effect, e.g. on Tsurugi or Pop-up Window."

16 Oct 2015 PeterCapObvious

And to add as a possible solution to Turing: Parasite??

17 Oct 2015 LSK

How's Apocalypse working for you? It seems like this deck doesn't get a whole lot from it.

17 Oct 2015 SlayerCNV

he has PREY FOR TURING, np.

18 Oct 2015 SibleyIrresistible

The -strength from Bishop works with Prey, maybe it would be a better add than Pawn? The argument against it would be MU, but you have deep red.

Maybe drop one Déjà Vu or Clone Chip and 2 pawn for 2 bishop? Not sure how much 3 pawns are gonna do for 2 knights. If you reeeeeally want that schehe income?

18 Oct 2015 johncraven

@slayercnv, you still have to get past the turing... wasting an entire turn + prey to do that is horrible.

22 Oct 2015 SibleyIrresistible

Ok Bishop is actually pretty awkward because it's already hosted, you can only move it to remotes.