Bypass Extravaganza - No Icebreakers

benticurus 1676


This is an attempt, as others have before, to make a NO-ICEBREAKER deck that can win from time to time. I've only played this deck for two days and it has about a 50% win-rate, which isn't terrible for such jankyness, I think. And sometimes it wins so fast!

I wanted to play around with the DDoS / False Echo combo that all the cool kids are talking about. However, instead of the more popular DDoS / Flase Echo / Hyperdriver / Keyhole; I went for an HQ-pressure version of the DDoS / False Echo shenanigan.


You don't want ICE to be rezzed, nor spend clicks on face-checking, so don't go face-checking ice.

You want to have The Supplier out as early as possible: this is one of your main economic engines, so I recommend that you consider a mulligan if you don't start with it.

This deck runs on very little money, and frequently you don’t need more than a few credits for a “surprise” run on a server. Don’t worry if you only have 1-5 credits during much of the game. That is part of how this plays out.


  1. DDoS / False Echo lets you get into a lot of places, but, better yet, it lets you combo with run events, hence, Legwork–ing HQ is one of the main ways of stealing agendas.

  2. DDoS / False Echo can only get you so far some times, so Inside Job is here to boost the distance that you can go. Three ice on a server and you only have one DDoS and only one False Echo? No problem: Inside Job gets you to the finish line.Since you have HQ Interfaces, you can DDoS / False Echo / Inside Job into HQ and get a bunch of accesses too.

  3. Sneakdoor Beta is great for forcing the ICE to spread-out into smaller ICE bastions and allowing you to still get multi-accesses from HQ. And you can just as well DDoS / False Echo with Sneakdoor as you would on a normal run on HQ, so that’s great.

  4. Even Inside Job / False Echo can combo in a tight spot: say that you are all out of DDoS, and only have one or two Inside Jobs and False Echo; you can still, for a few clicks and credits, bypass one ICE at a time, and bounce them with False Echo. This will probably happen by the late game when you ran out of steam.


  1. DDoS is for the whole turn, so it is good to sometimes use it first during a run on HQ, so that Silhouette’s ability fires, and you can check if a card in a remote server is an agenda. Try to get the most juice out of each DDoS, plan it around a turn that you might be able to run twice or even three times.

  2. Fisk Investment Seminar is great for filling up the Corp’s hand with fresh new cards before you run HQ to see if you can steal something.

  3. Infiltration and Drive By help you check whether there is an agenda, so you don’t go wasting your combo on a bluff or whatever. Infiltration can also give you those extra two credits that you might need to pull-off a steal, so it's great for that too.

  4. Same Old Thing is great for anything.

  5. Easy Mark instead of Sure Gamble because you frequently don’t have 5 credits to reach the threshold to play Sure Gamble, and a lot of the time you just want 3 more credits, nothing more.

  6. A single Kati Jones is there to help the economy when you are down: do not use her too much, focus on drawing cards and always having The Supplier with cards on it every turn. Kati is just so you can get a few credits if you are down; I’ve never charged a Kati past 9 or 12 credits, and usually only charge her again for an extra 6 credits or so.