Faust Parasite Gabe

SneakdoorMelb 693

Part of the winning team in the TWA Team Tournament in Melbourne (WOTAN CLAN 4 LYFE) and also took down the Gatekeeper Games league.

This is a super aggressive Gabe deck aiming to keep the pressure on all day long and hit every server. Faust will get you where you need to go and Drug Dealer is an MVP. 3x Bank Job is incredible in this meta and is more or less guaranteed to hit against the huge numbers of NEH floating around.

I don't have exact numbers unfortunately but over the 4 weeks of the league (up to 5 rounds every week) and a 4 round team tourney the only losses were to a Titan FA deck where I couldn't find breakers and an NEH Sponsorship deck. Beat NEH, RP, Haarp, HBFA, Biotech, PE, BS...pretty much everything!

It's a really nice aggressive Criminal deck, try it out!

19 Oct 2015 Thike

Glad to see other people doing well with this archetype! So much fun. You're about 4 cards off of my build. Do you ever wish you had Levy? I guess with a full suite(which I'm not running), buy that time you're set up.

19 Oct 2015 SneakdoorMelb

The first version had Levy and Breach, but Levy was never close to needed so I swapped it for Corroder and a 3rd Datasucker. Looks like your list is a bit more specialised towards Faust, I've moved it more towards traditional Criminal with Faust as the all-purpose "get in now, dammit" button. How are you finding Fisk Investment Seminar? I always found it to help the Corp more than me.

19 Oct 2015 Thike

I don't think it's quite that I was all-in on Faust, more that I found myself not really needing much else when that was running. ParaSucker Gabe doesn't want to break much anyways. A real suite would have been occasionally nice but never really necessary. I'd honestly rather keeping hitting hard with Faust than install something more permanent.

FIS is weird, although I think I like it in Gabe more than Fisk. It's best when you're choking their economy, or when playing faster would stretch them too thin to defend. The Diesel-like was also great for Fausting. It's definitely the next card on the chopping block; my latest is down to two copies.

19 Oct 2015 SneakdoorMelb

Fair enough. I found I was getting annoyed often enough by Wraparound, Enigma, Caduceus and Architect that having real breakers is a nice backup. My first list was pretty much exactly like yours but I found it much more comfortable when I moved towards Kati and Sec Testing for some sustained econ options.

FIS is sweet after Siphon no doubt. It was very handy against an RP that I managed to keep poor all game. Keeping HB down in money is a very difficult proposition though and there's a lot of that around here.

19 Oct 2015 chill84

You're really doing the community a disservice every time you post a deck list without citing any sources.

20 Oct 2015 firesa

This looks like a ton of fun. Couple of games so far, and it feels like you can run two or three times every turn, especially once your drug dealer is out. Memory limitations do mean that you need to focus on one form of attack over another, but yeah. Lost to a team sponsorship deck but I feel I was unlucky with accesses. Will be practicing this deck a bit more, thanks for the list

20 Oct 2015 CodeMarvelous

This looks awesome. I wish I had some octgn time later, don't tell anyone but I actually started this game with Gabe not Noise

25 Oct 2015 Thike

Each iteration of my version gets closer and closer to this. >.>

25 Oct 2015 SneakdoorMelb

@Thike what's your current list looking like?

25 Oct 2015 Thike



-Special Order


+Clone Chip


+Drive By


10 Nov 2015 Vimes

Can you still run with this kind of thing with Keegan Lane running around?

10 Nov 2015 SneakdoorMelb

It's...tough. I'm going to see how popular that ends up being. The one time I encountered it I lost. Certainly trying to fit Clone Chip in. It's possible to drop Corroder and Kati/Sec Test for Breach and Clone, but feels bad against Wraparound. That game I did take out 2 Keegans on central accesses first though, which can be a factor in an aggressive deck like this.