Spoony Noise [5-1 @ Greek Nationals]

anr_marsellus 1328

This is quite a standard Faust-Noise, based on the deck that won the Polish Nationals. I was not sure, whether Corps would tech with Cerebral Static against Noise, so I wanted 2 Hacktivist Meeting, a card that also pulls its weight against NEH Turtlebacks and HB. I cut the Cyberfeeder and one Lamprey. I also found, that some Code Gates really slow Noise down, in particular Lotus Field and Tollbooth, but also Turing. So I decided I'd play two Spooned, without having playtested that. The initial decklist had 47 cards, but we could find only 2 Street Peddler, so that is what I played with :)

Round 1 saw a win against the later Greek National Champion Laurie Poulter, who played NEH Fastrobiotics with Team Sponsorship. Round 2 milled TWIY* to death, as I figured as soon as I steal an agenda, I am dead. MVP was Imp who allowed me to trash the agendas rather than stealing them. Round 3 was against HB with Team Sponsorship. Spooned was awesome here, killing one Tollbooth early which prevented the Corp from building a scoring remote. I also won 2/2 Psi games, which definitely helped. Round 4 was the only loss against NEH Butchershop. But honestly, there is not much you can do against a starting had that has Breaking News, SanSan City Grid, Midseason Replacements, two Traffic Accident and enough money :) Round 5 was against NEH Turtlebacks. Close game, but thanks to a Clot at the end that forced him to waste another turn purging, I could mill him to death. Round 6 was against HB. An early Lotus Field on HQ was a pain, but once I drew Faust I spooned it and could Imp Biotic Labor and an NAPD which I was able to steal for the win from Archives.

Overall very happy and I do feel that Spooned is a card that has a place in these kind of decks. It makes repeated runs on centrals (particularly R&D) possible and it prevents nasty remotes to be built.