1441 - Greek Nationals Version

anr_marsellus 1328

This is the 1441 version I took to Greek Nationals. It went 2-4, playing 2-2 against Noises and losing to Kate twice. One Kate game was just chanceless due to an enormous agenda flood (6 agendas in the top 12 card is hard when you get legworked and makers eye'd). The other was a lot closer and could have ended as a win just as easily. Against Noise, rushing agendas early behind Mother Goddess worked really well, however, Noise is Noise and with the right mills and a good draw you still need to get lucky. 2-2 overall is fine though. Changes I consider with the experience from this weekend are switching back to Government Takeover and getting rid of Will'o. That makes room for 4 other cards, need to think about which changes to do.

19 Oct 2015 RubbishyUsername

Interesting to see the direction this list took. What does Sub Boost go on? Why Paper Wall over Ice Wall which may work better against Cerberus "Lady" H1 (even if it costs one more cred)? What do you mulligan for?

And did anyone ever work out what 1441 meant?

20 Oct 2015 marsellus

Sub Boost adds a subroutine to Curtain Wall, such that D4v1d can't get through alone. And it's 8 cards with Faust. Against Noise, Mother Goddess does next to nothing. You want Paper Wall because it self-trashes, which turns on Mother Goddess again. Superb Kit-defence.

29 Oct 2015 D4KEN

Hi @marsellus is this the "one" you played at the GNK in Bremen ? Played against ya in the last swiss round ;)

29 Oct 2015 anr_marsellus

yup :)

31 Oct 2015 mendax

I've been playing with a similar deck - the big difference is that instead of SfSS I've kept 1x Sea Source and the scorch package. Do you ever miss it in your deck?

My ice composition is also different, but that's a separate point i think.