Gotta Catch 'em All!

greyfield 3623

-- Ash, how'd you like to become a . . . Pokémon master?!

-- That sounds neat, Professor Oak. How?

-- Well, you'll start by taking one of these three starting Pokémon, which -

-- What's the difference?

-- One's red, one's blue, and one's green. No more interrupting.

-- So-

-- As I was saying. You'll journey far and wide, encountering all types of Pokémon, and capturing them in your Pokéballs. And you can train your Pokémon against other Pokémon in battle to make them evolve into even better Pokémon! And if your Pokémon get too tired, you can take them to a Pokémon center to rest up, or you can swap them out for other Pokémon you've caught - because you can only have six!

-- Wait, if they're just in the balls, why -

-- There are so many Pokémon to discover, you'll have to keep track of which ones you see in this Pokédex. Because you gotta catch 'em all! You'll make lots of new friends, visiting different gyms around the world and battling elite trainers, on your journey to become the very best.

-- Yeah... Professor Oak, that all sounds neat and all, but I think I'm just gonna go get an MBA. Maybe get a job at a corporation. Thanks for the bike, though!

-- Wait, Ash, come... back.

-- What are we gonna do with all this merchandise, Professor?

-- Eh, we'll just sell the crap to kids on TV. Maybe even make a movie. C'mon, I need a beer.

(Inspired by a conversation at Get Your Game On in Ann Arbor on 10/19.)

22 Oct 2015 desertfox42

10/10 theme. I wouldn't be mad in the slightest if I lost to this deck :)