It happend in the Woods...

haywire 66

My Try on Waldemar.

I like the Original-Waldemar very much, but I don't want to simply copy Decks, so I tried it with NEXT-Ice. Since i gonna play that on a GNK this Weekend, advice, what to change would be helpful.

21 Oct 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Melange Mining Corp. is really good with Mandatory Upgrades. If you can find room for the influence, so is Media Blitz. I would consider any of those over Encryption Protocol.

Team Sponsorship has been making quite the splash lately, and you have to score 4 agendas to win, so it might be worthwhile.

21 Oct 2015 haywire

The Econ is pretty good, so Melange really isn't needed and Media Blitz is Data & Destiny. That's not available here in Germany.

But the Team Sponsorship is a good Idea. I could cut 1 Encryption Protocol and 1 NEXT Gold for 2 of those.