Bypass Extravaganza - NO ICEBREAKERS v1.5

benticurus 1676


Fun Factor : 4/5 (Fun for the Runner; a lot of Corps rage-quit)

Piloting Level : Advanced

Deck Type : Super Jank

Powerful Against : Glacier, Shell-Game

Weak Against : Jinteki RP, NEH, Executive Bootcamp, ABT

Win Rate : OVER 50% (I need to start keeping track)



This deck is a continued attempt to make a NO-ICEBREAKER deck that works around the DDoSFalse Echo combo, supported by Inside Job.

This deck focusses on Remote Servers and HQ. Avoid waisting your combos on RnD, just trust that the main combos will help you beat the Corp when you are supported by Gang Sign, HQ Interface, Sneakdoor Beta, Legwork, and Fisk Investment Seminar.

After testing an earlier version, I found that [Meat Damage] is a threat that stops my janky deck more often than not, and the inclusion of just one Plascrete Carapace has done wonders for my win rate: small deck-size makes the Plascrete come up often.

The NEH weakness may never be fixed if I stick to this play-style, but the Jinteki RP weakness if fixed by default because many players seem to have left it behind due to the prominence of Film Critic.



0- Do not face-check ICE. You want all ICE to be unrezzed so that you can use DDoS effectively.

1- Ignore Corp's economy engines: infinite credits is useless if you can't rezz ICE. Only trash stuff like Ash, Caprice, San-San, Old Hollywood Grid, etc. Drive By helps a lot with these, and Same Old Thing can help recur your Drive By's if necessary.

2- The Supplier is your main economic engine: consider a mulligan if you don't have it in starting hand; consider to keep the hand if you do have it in starting hand.

3- This deck consists of a lot of drawing and a lot of hosting on The Supplier : the second reason why it is best to have it early in play. Most of the time you just draw 2 cards and play 2 cards (i.e., hosting, installing, events, etc)

4- Depending on how the cards come, you might have a very small economy (0-10credits) much of the game. This is not a problem, since you really need to be around 0-6 credits to pull-off your combos!

5- Silhouette is our runner for two reasons: smaller deck = more consistency; and her ability really helps out in exposing cards and knowing whether a run is necessary (for those times that you don't have your 'reveal' events available or because you decide to run on HQ first in order to avoid waisting your DDoS's and False Echo's on a server without an Agenda).

6- Be aware that DDoS lasts the whole turn: try to get a bit of juice out of it if possible (for example, if any of the central servers only has one ICE, then it might be good to use DDoS early in a turn that you are running on a remote server, and afterwards run RnD or HQ or Archives-Sneakdoor).



1- DDoS / False Echo : for a 2 ICE server.

2- DDoS / False Echo / Inside Job : for servers with 3 ICE.

3- DDoS / False Echo / Legwork : if HQ only has 1-2 ICE.

4- DDoS / False Echo / HQ Interface (with or without Sneakdoor Beta) : you can see where this is going...

5- DDoS / Inside Job : a.k.a. "the other DDoS / False Echo"



I have one influence left because I removed one False Echo to add a Hades Shard. This change has helped the deck because Fisk Investment Seminar played at the right time may force Agendas into Archives.

Do not overuse Kati Jones, I've never used her for more than 18 credits during a full game, and usually only use her for an extra 9-12 credits. The deck needs a lot of clicks for drawing cards and playing the combo pieces, so do not waste excess clicks on charging Kati.

Pro-tip: if it seems you don't have anything to check with Silhouette's ability, start by checking the innermost ICE on servers you care about: check to see if the innermost ICE is a non-ETR ice: this can be very important! ~