The Professorial Anarch (2nd at Myriad Store Championship)

JWHamner 345

A few people at the tournament asked me to post my deck list, so here it is.This is a deck I ran on Saturday 3/1/14 for the Store Championship at Myriad Games in Salem, NH. I came in 2nd in elimination (cut was to Top 4) after 4 rounds of Swiss. Tournament participation was on the order of 30 people, though I'm not sure the exact count. I went 3-1 in Swiss with him, the only loss being a Scorch flatline where the choice was between letting Weyland (played by the eventual champion) score a Posted Bounty and Scorch me or for me to steal it and get Midseasoned and Scorched (or draw a Plascrete which I didn't). MVP card was Sneakdoor since people never seem to expect it (though they will start if Herr Professor ever gets popular).

Regardless, this is a riff on Alexfrog's Professional Anarch (for Kate) build:

And basically plays the same way. Pro Con is the draw/economy engine. Modded is to install any of your numerous targets, but also to clear out your hand so you can hit Pro Con harder. Usually you keep any starting hand with Pro Con in it, but if I have something like a Datasucker and Kati I won't mulligan for it.

Very virus heavy, so Djinn can be a good early target of SMC. Sahasrara is really helpful in rig building, and is also a good early target if you draw into your breakers naturally. Mostly you are going to Test Run->Scavenge for Femme or Morning Star, but if you've got a Modded and Sahasrara suddenly those big pieces aren't so exorbitant. With SMC and 6 credits you can run against anything without fear... you can go get a Faerie or Deus X and handle any of the scary Killers or AP ICE.

The hard thing about playing it is that there is no real "ideal" final rig... a datasucker or two and your fixed strength breakers, but you are basically punishing whatever server is weakest. The new mem chips really help to keep you from having to worry too much about order of install (it's still an issue to some extent).