Big Girls Windfall Their Monoliths at the Angel Arena

ila 457

Bring on the bad cards! I'm talking to you, Angel Arena! They said it couldn't be done, but I've found a way to use this awful, awful card.

This deck operates on the same premise as my first Big Girls Windfall Their Monoliths deck, but with a twist. If you are not sure how that combo works, I'll go over it briefly.

You use overdraw with Diesel and Quality Time and extra clicks to burn through your deck by turn 5 - 6. Approximately 3 turns before your deck is gone (usually on turn 3), you play a Trope. Then in one turn you Trope back your 3 Monoliths and use Windfall 3 times to gain 54 credits.

In this iteration of the deck, you can do this twice... within 2 turns! The basic idea is that after your first combo, before you Levy, you use another Trope with 6 counters to return all of those Windfalls and Monoliths. Then, it's time for Angel Arena to shine!

It will take you 3 clicks to set up your deck with Angel Arena and you will need exactly 5 counters on this card. 5 credits to install the Arena are easy to come by as you Freelance your deck away though. With 5 counters on the Arena and 3 Windfalls and 3 Monoliths in your deck, it's easy to get yourself set up to have a Windfall combo turn again. Just reveal a card, if it's a Windfall, spend a click to draw it, if it's a Monolith, send it to the bottom. Keep going until you have drawn all 3 Windfalls and the only thing left in your stack is 3 Monoliths. Sounds familiar? You get to Windfall your Monoliths next turn!

The best part about this is that you don't have to commit to trying to pull out the combo twice in a row. You can always just Levy, start pulling out breakers with your Shaper tools, and run. But, if you think you have the time, you can spend a few more turns to pull off the combo twice. In solo testing the earliest I could pull this off was turn 8. I installed my first Trope on turn 1 and my second Trope on turn 3. Then on turn 6 I used my second Trope to do the Windfall combo. On turn 7 I used my first trope (at 6 counters now) to put all the pieces back and in the same turn I used Angel Arena to pull out the Windfalls. Finally on turn 8 I used my Windfalls on my Monoliths again. Obviously you will not start every game with Trope or a way to get Trope. It's much more realistic to expect your 2nd Windfall combo to land around turn 10, but still, that's a lot faster than going through your deck again.

Ever since I started working on the Big Girls Windfall Their Monoliths deck I've been trying to figure out how to pull off the combo twice in a row. The problem is getting your Windfalls back either takes a lot of clicks (Same Old Thing) or a lot of influence (Déjà Vu). The answer was there the whole time though, thanks Angel Arena!

23 Oct 2015 siahofmars

This is the Definition of "Good Jank"

23 Oct 2015 ila

Thank you @siahofmars! I couldn't imagine a better compliment :) Please try it out, it's a ton of fun!

23 Oct 2015 rumirumirumirumi

Sounds really interesting and I'm excited to play against this new version. I think this will rely on surprise more than the earlier version because being to install both Tropes and needing to install Angel Arena is going to make your set up turns a little slower and providing less pressure. Add in the longer window for pulling off the combo and you're ceding a good chunk of the game. This will be dynamite against glacier but less so against rush decks that get lucky draws or FA.

How often do you end up installing the Plascretes? I feel like you have much less to worry about meat damage because your huge money pile is going to beat out the major traces (Sea Source, Midseasons, Punitive Counterstrike).

23 Oct 2015 gandrasch

Why don't you use the Bagbiter/Faust combo?

23 Oct 2015 gandrasch

Okay, because of the influence.

23 Oct 2015 ila

Thanks @rumirumirumirumi! I am looking forward to our next match as well :)

So far I am noticing that indeed, setting up the combos back to back cedes way too much tempo to the corp. Plus you really don't need 100 + credits. However, using the Angel Arena and Trope at 6 as the second combo is a lot less click intensive than running through your deck a second time. So now what I am trying to do is time it so that the second Trope is ready at 6 counters around turn 10 or so. That way I have turns 7-9 to apply pressure. The only disadvantage to this over running through the deck twice is that you don't get to see all of your cards again. That's why I've bumped up the SMC and Clone Chips to 3 each, so that between combos I can hopefully have enough tools to apply pressure.

I've noticed that players will usually do one of two things when they see you start to work on some sort of combo. They will either ice up like crazy and not score anything, or they will start digging for agendas and try to score out. If I commit fully to getting my combo out, I can usually get this done before either strategy becomes too problematic. If they try to score out then their defenses will be weak and I can usually RnD lock them. If they try to be defensive then I can just use Shaper magic and a huge pile of credits to apply pressure anyways.

I keep waiting to run into this new 24/7 kill combo I keep reading about, but it hasn't happened yet. I might switch one Plascrete for a Feedback Filter, since the disadvantage of not Levying for the second run through is that I don't have cards to spare to damage.

BTW, enjoyed the new damage article, keep them coming!