Sunny side up (help needed!)

superwill 2

Hey guys!

Would really appreciate any eyes being cast over my deck and suggestions or positive/negative feedback on it.

Thanks! :)

23 Oct 2015 siahofmars

just at a glance, i would maybe look at getting rid of the 1 of wyldside for sure, and maybe even get rid of a diesel put in a quality time, and that will free up 4 cards to give you 2 Mr Li. for some card draw engine, without suffereing from the 1 of wyldside in consistency, and also u could then get rid of rachel beckman cause u wont need the extra click, that frees up one more influence to throw another quality time time in for even more card draw. u can keep the rachel if u want to keep globalsec security clearance. but i dont know if its worth it. maybe u could get a stimhack in there or 2 as well. theres soo many different ways to go about building around her and i havent tryed yet but, those are just a few suggestions off the top of my head. def would get rid of wyldside though for sure. jack sinclair seems like he would work well with security testing for a free 2 bucks a turn as well. good luck!

23 Oct 2015 Krams

Some can be good to make the Security Nexus ability even stronger. Because you should be making a lot use from it, otherwise the console is just a ridiculously overpriced Dyson Mem Chip. And you don't even use the part of it... Yyou use only 1 of your 5 , but you could use 3 of 5 and still get money from Data Folding. So maybe add some more support for your breakers, like more Multithreaders or some Datasuckers. The breakers increase strength in steps of 3, so Datasucker really helps against ICE with exactly 2, 5 or 8 strength, so you don't have to pay another 2 just because you need 1 more strength.

Another thing that stands out: Too much draw. Yes, Sunny needs a LOT of draw, but you went kinda over the top. Diesel eats up your influence, Earthrise Hotel eats up your money and Wyldside eats up your s. And on top of that you haveSymmetrical Visage which works best if drawing normally about once per turn. I don't think you will have the time and money to actually spend all those cards unless you don't run. And not running means giving the corp time to either win fast or build up and prepare without interruption.

BTW, you have 16 great and 9 okayish targets for Career Fair. That card could really give you a tempo boost in your resource buildup.

Oh, and if you're using both Wyldside and Globalsec Security Clearance you are going to loose some s, so maybe Adjusted Chronotype is worth mentioning.

23 Oct 2015 Trypios

I also suggest to ditch the Wyldside, because you run no Aesops either. You can't get rid of Wyldside and be stuck with 3 clicks. Maybe a couple of suppliers or career fair as Krams suggested. With so much drip econ, I'd swap Diesels with QTimes. Not sure if Kati is worth the tempo with as much drip and a 50-deck.