Which Way to the Beach

Captain 48

Power nap doubles deck built around a Beach Party/ Game Day draw engine and burst econonmy in the way of Sure Gamble, Power Nap, Lucky Find. The key pieces are the resources Beach Party, Adjusted Chronotype, Starlight Crusade Funding and Gene Conditioning Shoppe shop. I have added tons of draw to ensure you get them as quickly as possible. Another cool include is Bookmark. I like it because it is a cheap hardware that I can host my redundant cards on thus increasing the effeciency of my Gameday's. Once you cycle through the deck, you will be happy you have removed 9 cards onto bookmark because after the first Levy AR Lab Access the only cards left is economy and draw.

23 Oct 2015 Waltzard

I sort of feel like your card draw gimmick ate your deck. If we accept that you get all your key pieces, and you are drawing into a giant hand and can play all the doubles you want....what does this deck do?

Well, with all those draws you have 2 Lucky Find, 3 Power Nap and 3 Sure Gamble to give you credits. That'll push your breakers through ice a few times.

You have 2 R&D interfaces, so if you can dependably get through R&D you can go for R&D lock wins.

You have a big weakness to high pow sentries. If the corp unrezzes an Archer or Orion or Janus or what have you, the only way you make it through without your rig getting trashed is if you were lucky enough to have your Atman on a peddler. 2 strong sentries back to back shuts you out of a server forever, unless they happen to cost the same.

Ultimately, I feel like you lose if you don't get setup in time (not unacceptable in a shaper big rig deck), but you don't have the strong lategame that shaper usually provides. Your lategame economy is still event powered, still using breakers with no gimmicks.

23 Oct 2015 Bandura

In my book the only reason to play Beach Party is Faust. Try your deck with - 1 Chronotype and +1 Faust. It will amaze you )

23 Oct 2015 tonybluehose

Bandura read my mind. After reading the title of your deck, even before clicking I thought it was the Faust version. Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind has a deck that runs the Doubles and I played it for a weekend and had a lot of fun with it.

23 Oct 2015 haywire

There are some Things, I don't get about this deck:

As already has been said, there is no point in setting up this amazing draw-Engine, if there is nothing you can do with it. Faust would really be a good Siphon for all the drawn Cards.

Your only Economy are 3 Events. I found, that this is extremly unreliable. especially in the early Game, where you often can't even fire the Sure Gamble, because you lack the 5 .

Next Thing, that bothers me is the ID. Why Haley? Sure, you have some Resources to install, but most of them just once, so you really can't use the Double-Install so often and without a reliable Economy even more so. The Corp probably hast enough time to score 7 Points while you are still building up.

I think, the Idea is really cool, but it's more a Concept, then a working Deck.

23 Oct 2015 Captain

Lots of good constructive comments here thanks :) It is a first iteration and concept thus far and so will be tweaked upon testing. Faust was and is still a consideration and was cut to add consistency of finding Adjusted Chronotype but if in testing I find I can drop to two, Faust will replace it.

23 Oct 2015 haywire

Dropping the Pancakes to 2 is imho right. It's unique anyway. but I'd drop the Atman too, for it's also an AI-Breaker and Gordian-Blade, because the AIs can do the Job. 1 Mimic as a Swordsman-counter and a Fracter to keep Wraparound in check are good.

Another reason for Faust is the problematic Economy. You don't want to be kept out of the servers, just because you lack the Credits to run, even when your rig is set up.

24 Oct 2015 Captain

Played a few games last night with this deck -1 adjusted Chronotype and +1 Faust and it was fun and competitive. The draw power had me cycling through my deck and I almost feel like a third levy is necessary. Bookmark proved to be useful in helping to deplete your hand to have strong Game Day. Itbwas also good place to hold Levy and Power Nap until you need them.