Go Chum Yourself

internet_potato 931

Rough draft of a positional ice rush deck.

Chum combines with lots of super-cheap high strength ice to (hopefully) give you cheap and scary servers to score behind. It should function as a soft ETR early game.

Marcus Batty keeps the chum-based flatline alive after they have a decoder. Sunset to fix up gaps left by traps and/or make Bandwidth more effective. I think that a chummed Pachinko is better than a bandwidth'd pachinko in most cases (unless they eat the net damage and score).

Probably not viable, but WHO CAN SAY FOR SURE

23 Oct 2015 Rek

The main issue I see is that, despite your incredibly cheap ice suite, you don't have near enough money to pay for your snares, scorch, or any agenda you find necessary to score.

24 Oct 2015 PeterCapObvious

Consider adding a couple SanSan City Grid, and working in 3 Braintrust, as a 3/2 is way easier to score than a 5/3, considering if you have your San San active you can score from hand.

That is if you are looking to play a rush/ fast advance styled deck. Just a small suggestion :)

24 Oct 2015 PeterCapObvious

Oh and in a 40 deck size, you can have up to 44 cards in your deck before you need to add more agenda points

24 Oct 2015 internet_potato

@Rek Yeah, fair point. I was thinking about taking out scorch (since tagging is pretty reactive and unlikely to stick around without a false lead), which frees up some influence for Beanstalk Royalties. I thought that might be better than Celebrity Gift (since I may have snares in hand I want them to hit) or Medical Research Fundraiser (since I want to win in the early game).

Pretty new to Jinteki (mostly I've played Blue Sun Weyland), so I'm not super familiar with the different econ packages.

24 Oct 2015 internet_potato

@PeterCapObvious I liked GFI because it keeps the agenda density (relatively) low, but econ is bound to be tight so taking out 2 GFI's for 3 braintrusts (or a philotic and 2 braintrusts) is probably a good idea.

re: deck size, I was actually thinking about trimming it down to 40 cards. The agenda density would be higher, but it would also be easier to put together ice synergies.

24 Oct 2015 internet_potato

btw, I put this deck up based on discussion on positional ice decks out of jinteki/NBN on reddit here.

Will be revising this a bit for more econ, cheaper agendas, and Sub Boost over sunset.