Axlotl 2599


Dr Lovegood will pay off your Drug Dealer.

Adam, high as fuck, running servers.

27 Oct 2015 Rebeccafp

No independent thinking?

27 Oct 2015 Axlotl

Nope. idea was to build around all three directives.

28 Oct 2015 Myriad

While humerous, this build could be tidied up nicely with a few datasuckers, which do great work with Faust, but don't play so nice with Overmind.

Also, not sure you need or want Earthrise, I guess for superdraw? Drawing 3 for no clicks isn't enough for you?

My advice is to drop scrubbers, x1 Drug Dealers and x1 plascrete. Also, if you want to live dangerously, drop x1 faust and pop in some tutoring, or x1 of the Anarch Suite. If you have e3, you won't need faust early game anyway.