Hugehand Apex

DarcyFinn 19

26 Oct 2015 Chewie

Seems a common misconception with Apex unfortunately he can't install non-virtual resources like public sympathy :(

Other thoughts on your list is about draw I'm not sure you have enough for Faust maybe go for quality times given the increased hand size?

In testing with the amount of draw you could potentially get, if you go through even 1 levy you've probably lost the game.

I think 2 levy is a bit too many maybe take that 3 influence to add some more draw +/- econ or multi-access also data folding is questionable I think you'd get less of a tempo hit and more from ghost runner. Idk just some thoughts.

26 Oct 2015 DarcyFinn

I hit publish by accident, not sure how to take this thing off..first time user :P I agree with your points however.