three technical writers jammed in a dumpster

stoppableforce 385

  1. set up your big fuckoff combo of recycling pawns for draw and money now that you can move them from charizard to ice again
  2. install big dumb inefficient breakers with all that money you're making (and also a couple dogs I guess)
  3. you can't afford the influence for a legwork because you're a chess-playing dumpster hobo. enjoy your utopia shard instead
  4. net celebrity in case someone is worried about your free draw and c-statics you
  5. why are you playing this deck
26 Oct 2015 Him

Wasteland + Technical writer in Exile : great idea

26 Oct 2015 Gaxeco

There is no need to have 3x Scheherazade Maybe if u remove the utopia and one Sche, you have enought influence to Legwork or HQ interface..

26 Oct 2015 mendax

Have you tried this out of Nasir?

30 Oct 2015 Earth Red

Really... Weird setup. Care to open your choices a bit more on a general level?