Apex Good Stuff

Chewie 9

Third iteration of my Apex deck I'm currently testing.

Dropped ABR to test mimic with refractor as support for EH. Obviously still weak to destroyer ice and susanoo so is a meta call as I don't see these particular ice currently.

Testing Q-co chip instead of dyson to see if it's better ( less of a tempo hit/cost vs disynergy with harbinger)

Dropped wasteland in favour of ghost runner creds as I found wasteland to be fairly low impact in testing requiring several turns to break even and after a while would never be installed.

Other thoughts;

Levy - might drop it in favour of another day job and either legwork or déjà Vu maybe a clone chip?

Special orders - does it need 2 or can 1 be enough? Might try switching 1 out for 1 of the above mentioned but need to test the 2 first.

Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks!

26 Oct 2015 Rebeccafp

I feel like drug dealer+lovegood will be your better draw engine. You're doing stealth, so you probably wont have to pay the credit that often. With lovegood, you'll get your card, but not have to pay AND you could choose to put that card face down.

Might consider taking out the day jobs so you can do SMC. Of course, you have so many events... prepaid voicepad?

26 Oct 2015 Rebeccafp

Oh, now that I'm looking at it, take your influence back from the makers eyes (take out one, I think.)

26 Oct 2015 Rebeccafp

That pesky APEX! Right now drug dealer... astrolabe?

27 Oct 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Rebeccafp Drug Dealer & Dr. Lovegood are not virtual so Apex cannot use either.

@Chewie i feel Q-Coherence Chip maybe somewhat anti synergistic with Harbinger you'll have install it face down with your ability kinda losing the point of the card.

27 Oct 2015 esutter479

@Chewie - Yah, I guess the verdict is sorta still out on Levy AR Lab Access, ain't it? Until we can really start playing these decks legally at our local stores, I don't think we'll really have a firm grasp on the "right" stuff in Apex. It seems, atm, that just about every Apex deck posting has something different in it. I know mine will probably raise some eyebrows when it's posted...whether that's good or bad remains to be seen. :)

27 Oct 2015 Chewie

@Rebeccafp Thanks for the suggestions as mentioned apex is a little tricky because of the resource type limitation. This can make him quite the puzzle as all the good resources are unavailable. I guess this kinda makes him less susceptible to tags and the all seeing I.

@Pinkwarrior Yeah I wonder how often having both q-co and harbinger installed at the same time would occur but your right I'll also have enough funds with the day jobs to install a 3 cost piece of hardware so dyson would be stronger.

I just worry about the permanacy of them with apocalypse being the goal investing 3 creds vs none will it make a difference? I'll try them both out and see.

@esutter479 I was lucky enough to win a copy at a ANRPC tournament in the UK so have been playing the cards for the last couple of months much to the annoyance of my fellow players in Oxford.

From my testing I have only used levy once against an annoyingly slow blue sun off the grid deck. Rest of the time it sits in my hand almost like it's given me 1 brain damage. I can't wait for the new pack to come out especially so people here will stop moaning at me but also so I can see what other people come up with. I look forward to it!

27 Oct 2015 Pinkwarrior

I think in regards to the Levy AR Lab Access if your going the Apocalypse rout then it should be in the deck but if not i dont feel it's needed. I didn't have it LALA in my deck and although I got low on cards a few times I never actually ran out i don't run apoc cos theirs abit of setup in my deck and as a result play it never feels like the right thing to do.

@Chewie if you are going the Apocalypse then i see the appeal of Q-Coherence Chip tho i feel you may want some recursion to get back tho's breakers you have only one of Déjà Vu is probably best then you can happily get the LALA back if needed also.

27 Oct 2015 Myriad

I have to say, I think dropping ABR is a big mistake. Apex has a pseudo free click install, which lets it build board state, which kind of levels out ABR.

ABR+Endless Hunger+e3 is pretty much the only way to deal with most of the meta right now. It is a nonbo with Apocalypse, but I feel so far it is the only playable option with this thing.

28 Oct 2015 Chewie

@Myriad Your probably right. Testing so far has been going ok with this deck although I have stuck a déjà Vu in the deck now. Influence is tight and if you spend 6 on ABR it doesn't leave you much for anything like tutoring on top of econ and draw and possibly multi access.

Click compressing yourself with ABR puts you in a tricky situation with draw/doing anything else and as you mentioned apocalypse kinda goes out the window if you have to lean on ABR to break a piece of ice like Turing , Wormhole , Susanoo etc.