Never Really Retired 1.1

Waltzard 369

Pretty simple deck. Components are:

The plan: Most turns will go: Draw, Install, Draw Install. You'll accumulate a drip economy from identity or foldings/underworld/casts/earthrise, but basically just build your rig. Hold events unless there is an obvious opportunity. Eventually you have your rig + income, then try and win the lategame in classic runner style.

Crummy crim breakers: The big change from the last version is that I stopped spending influence on corroder and gordion and got 2 clone chips instead. Usually with this deck I have lots of money and I'm hoping I can afford to use Aurora and Peacock instead of good breakers. e3 Feedback is to help with that.

Awesome Crim events: No real need to justify these. Everybody loves criminal events. Recur them with Same Old Thing.

Drip Resources: Casts, Foldings, Underworld contacts, earthrises, Iain You want to be getting an awesome preclick turn eventually.

Support Hardware: e3 tries to make up for garbage breakers. Clone Chip brings them back if the Corp does a thing to them. Plascrete is plascrete. Unregister S&W tanks shutdowns, and with Drive By in the mix can actually do its job if the Corp is pre rezzing Ash/Caprice. Desperado is Best Console. Dyson Mem chips keep underworld contacts and data foldings happy as you install the breaker suite.

Silver bullets: Film Critic is obvious, Iain has obvious synergy. Data Dealer...I think nowadays each runnr should bring one. 15 Minutes, agendas that buff corp while they are on your side, shi kyu, etc. Fan Site was just a leftover influence but with Data Dealer you'll get to click for 9 once most games. New Angeles city hall is useful when siphoning and can let you duck Sea Source if they catch you with lower money than them.

The previous version of this deck was pretty successful, but fell to program destruction. I'm hoping this one removes that vulnerability and still wins. Worried about rubbish breakers.