MockZ 7

Just picked up DaD recently, an figured nothing would be sweeter than bringing NBN back to its grassroots and annoying the Runner with tags. So I tried to put together a viable deck that struck a happy medium between flooding the Runner with tags, and then utilizing the fact that she has so many tags beyond just the ability to trash resources.

My goal: make the runner feel like she can't get rid of tags because there's so many. And just when they've gotten rid of their tags, there are more. And then destroy them. Also, saving money for traces, which is why I went with a lot of non-expensive cards here.

The breadwinners: Ghost Branch, News Team, Midseason, Bandwidth, Data Raven, Gutenberg and Turnpike give tags. DRT, Closed Accounts, Scorched, All Seeing I punish. Market Research and QPM laugh in the Runner's face.

29 Oct 2015 MrAaronSA

Started wondering how you had space for so many cards, then realized your only Econ is one pop up window. I guess that's one way to protect against siphon spam...

29 Oct 2015 MrAaronSA

Recommend losing 2x pachinko, info overload, tmi, 2 ghost branch for 3x hedge, 3x sweeps.

29 Oct 2015 MockZ

@MrAaronSA I agree with all the cuts except Ghost Branch. Why cut 2 Ghost Branches when it's getting me all the tags?

29 Oct 2015 MrAaronSA

If it's working for you that's fine, you could cut news team, Bernice or Keegan. I prefer news team because it fires from anywhere, and Bernice behind a Gutenberg on rd is nasty. Traps are just harder to pull off, they are fun though.

29 Oct 2015 PeterCapObvious

You also have 4 free influence, forgot a third Scorched Earth?