argus Fargus

cmcadvanced 25

Well, everyone assumes when you're playing argus that you're playing punitive or scorch, and when they see dedicated response team, it's a clear must trash, so I was thinking, why not use this information to force the runner into making bad decisions, and tax them cards while you're at it?

Dedicated response team in argus means that they're taking 2 meat damage whenever they hit an agenda, no matter what. having lots of one pointers with a few 3 and 2 pointers to fill out the agenda spread leave a reasonable 12 agendas in the deck, and unless they score your utopia and both private security forces, the runner has to steal at least 4 agendas to win. Backed by the stopping power of weyland ice, the plan is to force the runner to run on your remotes so often, that even with a film critic out, there isn't enough time to score them all. Once the runner decides to run your centrals ragged, the news teams and snares will do the work that the ice can't. Though archer can do quite a bit, and there are plenty of ways to turn it on in this deck. Team sponsorship can be substituted for Jackson Howard if you don't own opening moves, and it makes for an interesting variant, and I may find room to shovel it in, since it's easy to trigger team sponsorship with hostile takeover.

At the end of the day though, you don't need film critic, or any resources for that matter, and corporate town and snatch save the day.

29 Oct 2015 cmcadvanced

Oh wow, this has Hive in it, and hive is awful late game with this deck switching it to wendigo

30 Oct 2015 GrantZilla1979

Argus and Checkpoint go together like PB&J.