Trapper 1.1

Waltzard 369

I'm starting a new sequence with this deck, which is basically the next Slow Advance. Leaving Weyland feels like a big enough jump to justify the new name.

Anyway, I'm trying out HB for my trap based deck. The extra credits from the identity, and the sweet ICE, are very attractive, but the real selling point is that HB isn't known for traps the way teki is.

ICE: The NEXT series, 3 architects and 3 Eli's. Every piece of this ice is top shelf, except perhaps NEXT gold. Its fairly cheap to install and taxing to break. The only real complaint I've had about my ICE is that only NEXT bronze and silver end the run. A determined runner blundering through architect and clicking through Eli can give me fits.

Economy: 3 Hedge fund, 3 Adonis, 3 PAD and the ID ability are the main suite, but I also have back channels, and most games I fire that once or twice. Money isn't usually a problem. I silver bulleted the Vault for Siphon shenanigans. Jacksons to recurse this stuff.

Traps: 2 Junebugs, 2 Aggsec, 2 overwriters. Nice to be in a faction with 2 in faction traps, don't have to muck about with Shattered remains.

Agendas: 2 NAPD because they are great. 2 Mandatory upgrades, similar reason (Mushin makes up for the extra clicks) 4 Neutral 5/3's because I generally prefer their effects to HB's in faction ones.

Silver Bullets: Cyberdex for Medium deep digs and the like. Vault for Siphon and to mess with a rich Adam.