We Didn't Spark The Fire 2.0

Feisty 2242

I've been testing this ID since its announcement and have had great success. This is the updated build that I've been running.

I appreciate simplicity in my deck building and this is a solid, simple deck without too many moving parts. Rez your assets, tax the runner, score some points.

Play it fast or slow, it's great either way.

Early Game: You're playing any Ad you find and tossing a Launch Campaign behind a Pop-up Window if able. Score Astro if able. don't worry too much about getting Account Siphoned. They'll be spending their credits on trashing assets anyways and may even float a tag or two for a Closed Accounts. With Architect and Jackson Howard , I'm not too worried if the runner trashes a few Ads.

Mid-Late Game: It's all about Glacier and making the runner hate your servers .Archangel is bananas and I will install it over keeping it in my hand any day.. bounce the Film Critic or necessary breaker back to hand to secure a score.

The cards:

13 Advertisements. rez them. I see a lot of misplays from people playing this identity. There isn't much of a reason to rez on your turn. It is efficient enough for the runner to lose 1 a turn (2 lately since drug dealer is popular) than to show your hand for them. Let them spend a click if they're curious.

Some Tag punishment with Closed Accounts and The All-Seeing I to kick the runner down.

I love Susanoo and the rest of this ice suite.

Cards that were omitted.

Product Placement This doesn't do enough. The two credits were nice but the econ is already fine without it and the extra Advertisements aren't needed. News Team had more impact on the game.

Eve Campaign Too influence heavy and again, already enough Ads.

As always, I appreciate any suggestions and advice!



30 Oct 2015 ScaryFencer

Looks solid mate, I'll give it a try.

30 Oct 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Susanoo-No-Mikoto, Wraparound, and Tollbooth give you 6 solid run-ending ice. Do you lose any games by people just plowing through your stuff?

Pop-up Window, Data Raven, and Special Offer in particular are very porous for a straight-up glacier, and other than those ice mentioned earlier, I'm not seeing a solid way to leverage your econ into scoring windows. If you don't want to go all-out with Ash 2X3ZB9CY or Caprice Nisei, maybe at least consider some SanSan City Grids to get your agenda train rolling, which would be heinously expensive for the runner to get in and trash.

30 Oct 2015 GrantZilla1979

Love it. Have you tested Turnpike with this layout?

2 Nov 2015 Feisty

@Bigguyforyou518 I see what you're saying, though I consistently have a nasty scoring server with annoying centrals. I have, in the past swapped Susanoo-No-Mikoto and two Special Order for 2 Eli 1.0 and a Viper.. I'm just loving susan right now.

2 Nov 2015 Feisty

@GrantZilla1979 I love that card more than most things and could deffinately swap Data Raven for it, sure!

2 Nov 2015 pdaddyo

Isn't Project Beale essentially the same as Global Food Initiative (since it can be over-advanced as if it were a 5/3, but is always 2 points to the runner), freeing up a couple of influence?

3 Nov 2015 HollowsHeart

@pdaddyo Global Food Initiative reduces agenda density, because each one counts as 3 agenda points towards the required 20.

3 Nov 2015 pdaddyo

@HollowsHeart - of course, I knew I must be missing something there, you're essentially trading influence for deck slots - nice!

3 Nov 2015 Feisty

@HollowsHeart Exactly.

16 Dec 2015 JoeSetsFire

Disclaimer: Relatively inexperienced player here. Question: I own 90% of these cards and been thinking of similar-ish replacements that stick to the goals of this deck, but I've never been sure what to do about Pop-Up Window. Would it make sense to replace for further advertisements, or would a direct swap for other ice be preferable? More importantly, why?

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