A great way to lose friends

Ladar 205

A brain damage deck that places a legitimate threat of flatline. Marcus Batty is bad news period. But with Team Sponsorship , Archived Memories , and Reclamation Order the nightmare never ends.

Pair that up with Sentinel Defense Program and Defective Brainchips a lost Psy game can easily become a flatline with a single Brain Damage becoming 2 Net and 2 Brain damage.

The deck plays as never advance with the runner never sure if you placed an Agenda, an asset or a trap behind a taxing ice. Batty makes these decisions even more difficult with Ichi trashing key programs at the wrong moment or placing a power counter on Viktor 2.0 that can spell doom in any timing window . Faust is a very risky card to play as Batty might end up flatlining you before the run is complete.

If you have an Architect on your scoring server remember your timing rules. Once the runner choose to access set off Marcus Batty and there is a 66% chance that you'll be able to replace your Agenda with an Edge of World and watch the runner take a metric ton of brain damage and net damage.

31 Oct 2015 Bigguyforyou518

I'm assuming you tested this out of Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded already and found it failed the "is this better than it would be in EtF?" test?

Also how does the deck play as "never advance" when 4 of your agendas are 4/2s and you don't have any fast-advance?

It seems like you need at least 2 solid remotes here - one for scoring/baiting out Edge of World, and another for your asset economy (possibly even a third to protect Team Sponsorship). With only 16 ice, it seems like this could often leave your centrals relatively exposed, opening you up to Account Siphon spam or heavy R&D digging, not to mention making Accelerated Beta Test triggers a very risky proposition.

31 Oct 2015 bubbathegoat

I don't think Sentinel Defense Program adds one net damage for each brain damage taken. I think anytime the runner takes at least 1 brain damage, it does 1 net damage; meaning 2 brain damage, being at least 1, will trigger 1 net damage, not 2. An additional brain damage from a second source or subroutine should still add another net damage, but you shouldn't be doing 4 damage from a 1 brain damage subroutine.

31 Oct 2015 Ladar

@Bigguyforyou518 I actually started the deck with Haas-Bioroid: Stronger Together and yes the problem with every Haas-Bioriod indentity is that it isn't ETF. The econ was much more useful then the Bioroid strength increase. I find with Cybernetics Division: Humanity Upgraded you need to run more econ which makes it more difficult.

4/2 are a requirement simply because there aren't enough 2/3. But there are enough 2/3 that the playstyle is the same. I find that if it's a 4/2 then you should always install in and advance twice and make it look like a Cerebral Overwriter as soon as Defective Brain chips hit the table people know you are trying to do Brain Damage and get suspcious. I would certainly prefer to be able to score it from the table and maybe when Jeeves Model Bioroids becomes legal I'll put them in but I don't know if I have the econ support for fast advance or the card slots.

I find Team Sponsorship is more often written as (The Runner loses a click and 4 credits) Depending on the runner I'll just install them in the open and have them deal with economic cost (I don't always have a Batty in Archieve) and using them to slow the runner setting up as I advance normally is a better option. Eve's can remain in the open most of the time except against Whizzard: Master Gamer because if the runner trashes the trash them, I made an economic gain. Adonis Campaign go in the score server untill they run out of resources. About 50% of the time I have 3 servers and the other 50% I have 4 servers that are protected.

Also I find the best way around early Syphons is to actually have unrezzed Eve Campaign so I can go broke when it happens,

@bubbathegoat Sentinel Defense Program adds one net damage each time the runner takes at least one brain damage and Defective Brainchips willl handle the second. Which is a net of 2 Net Damage and 2 Brain Damage

31 Oct 2015 cmcadvanced

Jeeves will definitely make this deck even better, and I think it's such a solid plan, I've never been more excited for brain damage. Good job! I myself would run domestic sleepers instead of reclamation order or archives memories because of the emphasis on team sponsorship, but that's entirely a style preference I feel. I can't wait to play this.

31 Oct 2015 sondayn

Have you considered Tyr's Hand? You can sit it behind a Viktor and just wait. I have a similar deck I run sometimes and there's nothing more beautiful than Defective+Viktor+Batty/Tyr. Loads of fun.

1 Nov 2015 mendax

What tournament did you play this in, and how did you do?

1 Nov 2015 Ladar

@sondayn I really want to use Tyr's hand but for you really need to run more 2.0 ice. When I was test it I found Ryon Knight was more effective for my purposes.

@mendax it was in a store tournment in Toronto that coincided with Data and Destiny coming out. It never lost a game but the tournment was less then fours rounds and I won a Matte so I was happy with it.

1 Nov 2015 SlayerCNV

I think the combo with architet is genial. Seriously I think this. I'd find place for a single Cerebral Overwriter over archived and the place for 2x Breaker Bay Grid, but still ok.

1 Nov 2015 Saan

So what was the "other" that this deck placed well in?

1 Nov 2015 Dydra

@SlayerCNV very interesting PoV. I wouldn't personally take it from someone with 63 published decklists and 238 points.

1 Nov 2015 SlayerCNV

@Dydra i know i'd not to answer to you, sort of "I'M TOO FUCKIN PRO PLAYER" that never win champs, but just for know, i usually publish decklists for friends because that way they can see those decklists. But, hey, u're too strong for me.

1 Nov 2015 mendax

You do clearly want BBG, fwiw. I'm unconvinced that overwriter would be an improvement though.

1 Nov 2015 SlayerCNV

ah and @Dydra,another thing. I'm in the top 10 of strongest italian players, and you? Ah, true. You're just an internet faggot that need to troll on sites like netrunnerdb. I'm really annoying with 15 years old child that can't stop masturbate and try to teach things. Really. Stop, you are not funny, an entire community thinks you're an idiot and all, except me it appears, stopped following you. You are the kind of shit this site\community\game does no need. Go play Magic,Yu-gi-ho, pokemon.

@Ladar Sorry for the shit, i'll stop arguing with this troll, just i don't like people that try to ruin communities.

@mendax I'm considering Cerebral Overwriter just because it's good in every deck that aims to brain damages. A 1x can be the maker of 2\3 easy brains...

1 Nov 2015 RustySpork

@SlayerCNV You say, after calling him a slur. You're both the problem.

2 Nov 2015 SlayerCNV

@RustySpork I know, I'm so sorry. Don't we have a sort of ban rule? I usually try to add interesting things to a decklist, anyway, differently to the same old dydra.

2 Nov 2015 x3r0h0ur

MFW I notice that Tori Hanzo works with sentinel defense program....

Sorry, not really pertaining to this deck, but made me happy inside for a bit.

I played against this last night and I felt like it wasn't 'stoppy' enough for when the runner has had enough of your shit and just runs centrals. I think Ryon Knight could also be a good fit, but I'm not sure it helps the central hammering issue. Cool stuff though.

2 Nov 2015 bubbathegoat

@x3r0h0urThat is the combo that I really want to see pulled off: Tori Hanz┼Ź with Defective Brainchips and Sentinel Defense Program triggered off of a Data Mine or Marcus Batty.

I don't think it's a net gain for this deck, since it's much easier to combo the brain damage directly for less influence, but I'd love to see the needlessly complex and janky combo fire just once.

As it is, I really like that this deck stayed away from Self-Destruct Chips and stuck with never-advance and Edge of World instead.

20 Nov 2015 Cyggie

This might be silly, but Zed 1.0 could have a spot in this deck. Not only does it punish early central runs, it forces the runner to keep spending credits on a server protected by Batty.

20 Nov 2015 x3r0h0ur

Zed doesn't work at all. No one runs without mimic, thanks to architect, but more importantly early game you need to commit 2 ice to a server, one of which is a bioroid to even make him have a shot at working.

20 Nov 2015 bubbathegoat

Unfortunately, Zed 1.0 is the unfortunate piece of ICE that is both positional and dependent on the runner using clicks to break another piece of ICE installed on the same server.

Zed is useless as the first piece of ICE in a server, then once the second piece is installed the runner has to click through it, finally when Zed is rezzed it is so weak that the runner will easily be able to break it.

While there are narrow circumstances where a corp could use Zed, these are far less frequent than the times when another piece of ICE would have been better used.

20 Nov 2015 Cyggie

@x3r0h0ur That is true. I was just throwing this out there, because of the deck using Marcus Batty and never advance. Now you can toss him over any other bioroids and they cannot click through them or risk being brained by Batty.

@bubbathegoat All valid points, but with Batty some of Zed's positional limitations are eased. Now he can be placed anywhere on a remote or central. If the runner spends any clicks to break a bioroid during the run, now you can fire a psi game and ping them for a brain.

20 Nov 2015 bubbathegoat

@Cyggie The runner has to run the server with Zed 1.0 and spend a click to break a sub, and now you have to have Marcus Batty installed in that same server.

You can save some money and clicks by using Cerebral Cast instead if all you want to do is land 1 brain damage. Batty can combo well enough off of Ichi 1.0, Viktor 1.0, Viktor 2.0, and Heimdall 2.0, all of which are good pieces of ICE on their own.

It really is a shame that such a good flavor (artowrk and text) card as Zed 1.0 is frankly so useless as a card.