Ghost in the New Angeles

Ver 40

If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man - You win some, lose some, it's - all - the same to me. The pleasure is to play, it makes no difference what you say.

So I tried basically every popular Geist deck since release. And from their power combined came this one – mostly inspired by Lay Upon My Roundish Bed (Tech Talk #1). I played about 20 games with it - mostly offline on our local Warsaw league - and maintained healthy 50% winrate. It is not a tier-1 winning-all deck but it is fun to play this trenchoat-wearing smiling sly who is secretly a ganglord.


Card choices

First Hand

In your first hand You would like to see Drug Dealer or Hostage to search for Drug Dealer. Kati Jones is nice to start stacking money. Any part of Film Critic and New Angeles City Hall combo. Other cards worth keeping are Forger/Access to Globalsec to set up for Underworld Contact and cloud breakers. And Siphons. They win games.


Basically: You set up as quickly as You can and You run. Dealer will give you cards. Contacts and Scheherazade will give You for installs and with Kati you can save for the big run. But even 6 can be enough – when You set up a 4-5 of your breakers runs become pretty cheap (Tollbooth for 3 and card in exchange). If You doesn’t find UC or use Kati to save some money from greedy hands of Drug Dealer and use it for installs. This deck is very cheap - 42 cards cost 2 or less. 13 cost 0

If you find New Angeles City hall early abuse combo with siphons. Ideally: one , 6 for You, -5 for Corp.

Important thing to remember when playing Drug Dealer – do not lose money. Finish turn with 0. Next turn You can choose the order of events – first You lose (from 0) and then money from Contacts comes.

Plan your runs carefully - use Drive By when in doubt. But not too carefully – this deck draws very fast when set up (Dealer and Geists ability) so You will plow through 46 cards it pretty quickly and that’s where Levy saves Your day.

Remember that power of your rig decreases with every ICE broken with Shiv, Spike or Crowbar - so count that strength two times, plan your moves ahead and always have a Clone Chip at hand.

Second Dealer in play is not needed until some Jinteki is trying to kill You – then two cards in a corp turn can be your safety net. Or until You really wanna that speed boost.

Possible Changes

  • With release of Data&Destiny I am thinking about replacing Contacts with Technical Writer, Corroder with GS Sherman M3 and adding some Security Chips...

  • Earlier version of this deck had Crescentuses - nice way too add salt to injury. Break ICE for free - get card. Derez it - get card.

  • People in Warsaw love to scorch runners. So maybe Crash Space. It does not synergise with New Angeles City Hall cause avoid != remove but it can save You from scorch. Geist Space to avoid 3 damage and draws a card. BAM, you made Plascrete!

  • I would love to include Parasite to deal with NEXT ICE.

I am still tinkering so all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

31 Oct 2015 Dothanite

The good news is we're not forced to use Peacock anymore - I would switch it to a Passport or a Cerberus "Rex" H2. You can always install over the Rex since you have programs galore and then Clone Chip it back.

Other than that, solid build.

31 Oct 2015 bungi

According to the FAQ you can't use money stolen with Account Siphon to pay for New Angeles City Hall (page 13 of faq 2.1). Just so you won't be surprised later on :)

31 Oct 2015 Dothanite

@bungi Mind. Blown. Learn something new every day.

1 Nov 2015 mendax

I would be amazed if this deck wasn't improved by the inclusion of 3x Crescentus.

1 Nov 2015 Ver

@bungi - Uh, thanks, I learned something new. Glad I did it just once.

@Dothanite - I tried both Passport and Cerberus "Rex" H2. First one is kinda ok, second was too unreliable when they used some cheap code gates to protect the server. I rather use Clone Chips for disposable breakers.