Cachemeleon 2.0

x3r0h0ur 8692

Updated version of my previous deck. Dropped 1 harbinger because they're not as hot as they could be, if you don't manage PW well, you can be stuck losing your Hayley trigger, which is bad. The gain is scrubber! 2 scrubber has been nuts for this deck. Not just in asset spam control, but increasing the digs on RnD. After cracking a fully loaded tech writer, you can see extra cards just by trashing stuff thats in the way, that leads to faster wins.

The breaker package is moved to the more standard, less permanent setup, which fares better against bigger barriers. Bringing in d4v1d helps deal with rushed big ice, but might not be necessary. In which case I'd go back to the shrike and corroder setup.

I switched the breaker package as soon as I added Levy, which gives the deck more legs, allowing me to remove armitage. The downside being no SoT in case it gets damaged away. So far Levy has been okay, if you insist on 45, that's the cut, and just manage your econ better.

Oh and plascrete. Getting the chameleons back to hand can manage for a while, but a corp with double scorch is a nightmare, and its tough to keep up with econ sometimes, if you're force to be aggressive. I like to cast 1 with a clone chip or RDI, and then workshop the other one until I can trigger the install+Hayley with it, and just Aesop's it (or not if you feel you need both).

Strong changes though. Very strong.

1 Nov 2015 esutter479

This looks pretty damn masterful! If I wasn't dead set on using Sunny at the upcoming GNK, I'd run this.

1 Nov 2015 CodeMarvelous

This archetype has me so intrigued I will definitely be firing this up after Worlds

1 Nov 2015 x3r0h0ur

I'm considering it. We'll see how the KoS goes.

2 Nov 2015 Grimwalker

Rather than plascrete, I really like having NACH/Film Critic for protection from multiple threats. I'm also considering whether Hunting Grounds might be a worthwhile include.

3 Dec 2015 matthopkins

Really loving this deck! Just one question... Why the singleton replicator? The way I look at one-ofs is that they are either programs that can be tutored, or a card that you're happy to see show up later in the game. But neither of these apply to replicator. Wouldn't it be better to have two, or to cut it altogether?

23 Jan 2016 Trjn

I've been having a lot of fun playing a version of this deck. I'm still walking blindly into the world on competitive Netrunner and playing this deck has helped me plug a lot of gaps in my play. Hayley makes you pay a lot of attention to timing windows - especially on the Corp turn - and Chameleon makes me think a lot harder about what ICE I'm likely to see on the other side of the table.

Had to drop the Harbingers and Scrubbers for influence and didn't miss having to worry about losing Hayley triggers (although I'd like to find room for Scrubber).

Slotted 3 Professional Contacts and another Personal Workshop in their place because Hayley really puts them cards to work. I'm always happy when I can draw a lot of cards and an earlier Personal Workshop gives the freedom to trigger your ability during the Corp turn. Not to mention that putting Chameleon on Personal Workshop takes the guessing game out of early runs.

Replicator didn't do anything for me so it became a third Astrolabe and the Plascrete Carapaces became Film Critics because my local meta has an obsession with PE.

Great deck. Thanks a lot @x3r0h0ur for putting it up for me to butcher.