ZoeB 1

I'm new to all this, but my idea here is to have lots of advancing cards, and lots of advancers for them. Instead of replacing or augmenting cheap ice with expensive ice later on, it grows in strength and subroutines as the game progresses.

1 Nov 2015 Pikeman

I may be missing something, but this seems to have a few issues. For starters, there isn't a whole lot of ice present. You have a ton of tag punishment, but essentially no way to reliably tag the runner on your turn, especially the two tags you need for Traffic Accident. Even if you make Shadow really strong by advancing it, and even if they don't beat the trace, as long as they have at least and 2, they can just remove the tag after the run. In general, I would just avoid Shadow.

There are a few other things I would change as well. Salvage and Woodcutter are probably not worth it, as they can only be advanced while rezzed, and you have nothing to circumvent that (like Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within can). Look more in the direction of either space ice (Wormhole / Nebula / Asteroid Belt / Orion) or other barrier ice (Hadrian's Wall / Fire Wall).

You have a lot of 1-point agendas, but no Archer, so I'd definitely look into including that even though it can't be advanced. Archer is one thing any runner should fear against Weyland with at least 1 agenda scored, especially if it's a 1-pointer.

You also have both GRNDL Refinery and Commercialization, and these fight each other for being advanced. In your case, Commercialization is probably better, so I'd drop the GRNDL Refineries. While Shipment from Kaguya appears to belong in this deck, I usually just opt for the more flexible Hedge Fund.

And finally--influence! You've spent none of your 15 influence, which is usually used to achieve whatever it is you're trying to do better/faster/stronger, or surprise the runner. While perhaps the most surprising thing to a runner would be 0 influence spent, it also makes the deck quite predictable.

1 Nov 2015 ZoeB

Thanks! That's some pretty thorough advice. I'll revise accordingly later on, thank you!