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siahofmars 582

My first rendition for Apex... Man is he hard to build to... i always feel like i want more multi access, but i see it not used often with him. so i slimmed down multi access to 2 makers eye. Idea is to take advantage of Apocalypse and Prey for i feel these cards are what u should build apex around for now. DDos helps u make Apocalypse happen. Data Suckers help Prey happen. Kraken is after u get that agenda and make it even easier for free access by killing yet another ice. QT for card draw, e3 to break all the other things on ice with end the runs. Utopia shard is to try n snipe that scorched or agenda out of the corps hand to make it so u dont die when u could, or to score that last agenda. Im putting it in there for now to try. i was thinking of putting notoriety in since you are taking advantage of haveing those servers easy to get in all 3 from your board wipes. I'll probably try it in the next rendition. I dont know what im gonna do about heavy tag stuff yet like getting mid seasoned. 1 of Paper Trippin?


2 Nov 2015 itsbigfoot

datasucker doesn't work with prey, datasucker's effect lasts until you stop encountering the ice and prey triggers after you have passed the ice.