Steal ALL the apples!

Matthias 18

First time playing around with one of the new runners. The idea is to find synergies for the three available directives. Additionally, I wanted a neutral breaker, because I wanted some free influence for other tools. I decided to take Overmind with support of Q-Coherence Chip and Brain Chip. Even if I dont plan to max out the , I still can use Independent Thinking to trash a directive plus an Overmind for 4 fresh cards.

Always Be Running supported by Overmind and e3 Feedback Implants and grants lots of pressure on the corp the first few turns. That directive is probably the first one to sell to Independent Thinking against glacier-style decks. For all others: it works great with the included run-events.

The downside of Neutralize All Threats is mitigated by two Scrubber. Sneakdoor Beta to utilize the additional card access.

Safety First maybe is the least favourable directive. Brain Cage and Brain Chip alongside an early agenda should help to mitigate the downside and utilize it's ability.

4 Nov 2015 Matthias

I figuerd it is a pretty stupid idea to run Q-Coherence Chip alongside Overmind that I want to get rid of via Independent Thinking. I'll take those our and probably put in one more Brain Chip and some economy. John Masanori didn't work well, but that depends on the matchup.