Engineered for Success v3.1

RubbishyUsername 434

How to play: Mulligan for econ or money, dig for Midseason Replacements, ditch a Domestic Sleepers into archives and one in play. Then dig for Psychographics, and recur money, draw, and Cybernetics Court. Psychographics order for agendas is Project Vitruvius, Efficiency Committee then Vanity Project for the win. Remember that no one will remember what Custom Biotics: Engineered for Success decks do until it's too late.

Things that are hotter than Penicillin, from the top:

Domestic Sleepers: Turns on Midseason Replacements when the runner is sitting at 6 points. Turns on Enforcer 1.0 even if you got siphoned or vamped. Gives you a warm feeling when they put it on Film Critic, but then ditch it for an actual agenda, then realise they can't run archives because you have 2 Domestic Sleepers in there. Of course, you could just go from 6 to 7 points with it.

Efficiency Committee: It's not just a combo card! Remember that Efficiency Committee doesn't stop you from Psychographicing, so combined with Project Vitruvius you can pull off some pretty nutty turns. These clicks go towards playing draw and economy, or landing the kill out of nowhere.

Project Vitruvius: The first card you score with Psychographics, every time. Basically put enough counters on it to put you down to 10 credits. Recur money, recur Psychographics, recur Scorched Earth for the kill. Whatever you need.

Vanity Project: it's usually the game winner after the other two agendas are scored. Sucks to lose, but thanks to Domestic Sleepers, losing it early doesn't mean you will.

Cybernetics Court: This is your only remote, normally protected by a single ice if they want to trash it. With this out, your agendas are actually safer in HQ than when left in the stack.

Anonymous Tip: Just Like Diesel. I honestly don't know why anyone thought this card was bad. This thing is pure gas. Play it from a 5 card hand, play it before econ, recur it then play it again, gain 6 clicks, recur it 4 times, draw 12 cards, play Scorched Earth, recur, kill. Influence is super tight - even with 22 - but this card is worth it.

Midseason Replacements: You will want to land at least 8 tags on the runner minimum, as in, they fight the trace - for Psychovanity plus some spare in case they remove some to go under the score.

Scorched Earth: Plan B. Don't pursue it too hard, but it'll happen more often than not because you have the pieces and the recursion after landing tags.

Ice package: Currently trying out a cheap set of ice to maximise the amount of credits I can spend on Midseasons. I'd really love some suggestions. What about NEXT stuff? What about a "large ice" package?

3 Nov 2015 MrAaronSA

Could be wrong, but I don't actually think you can voluntarily ditch an agenda on film critic, even when you access a different agenda.

5 Nov 2015 rico_dorito

I always find Nebulas to do the job quite well, as "large ice", with some Heimdall 2.0 and you have yourself a "End the Run+Brain Damage" on Barrier and Code Gate.