Hay Pecks

CaptCastle 2

Leprechaun with EH and MOPUS.

Needs testing

4 Nov 2015 siahofmars

@CaptCastle i wish i could run these cards man but the only problem is, u might as well not if you are using apocalypse. all of your nice lil programs will get wiped out with an apoc. its an interesting idea though for sure. i like that you are trying to go somewhere no one else has. i commend you for that!. I feel that u will take too much temp hit and things getting wiped out when u cant break that trash 1 program trash 1 program. its scary. also you need some multi access . maybe u might try running a version without apocalypse and some more breakers like mimic n some data suckers incase u hit nasty things, and then keep the opus in etc. i dunno.