An Eventful Evening with Apex V1

siahofmars 582

Soo... after all of my recent builds with Apex, i wanted to go the other route with making the goal to be able to Apoc a server without worry of too much flipping on my side and then be able to easily get in with event multi accesses. from the games i played i have seen soo much Tag ice that u run through and then clear last click,. So im gonna try it out. i feel like indexing is really strong after an apocalypse so i got 1 of those in there for the right moment. the rig isnt too big at all so when you do clear the board u dont lose much from it. mimic is for that annoying 3 strength ice, mainly architect that comes up in alot of decks these days, especially since it wont be trashed by apoc. This is my first rendition of this style, im about to test it for some games and see how it goes, hopefully it should have the econ to get by alright. and... YES! im trying it without e3! lol and also the notoriety idea should work well in this style! i took -legwork +2 notoriety

Feedback Welcome!

4 Nov 2015 PeterCapObvious

I actually really like this. I'm curious to see how it actually plays out