This Is The End, My Only Friend

lolpaca 1243

So the idea's to get a DDoS on the table, build up Inside Jobs with the help of Logos, pull off an Apocalypse, and... win? idk

4 Nov 2015 siahofmars

@lolpaca couple questions do u not die from damage?(need Heartbeat) 2.card draw? 3.DDos is soo expensive in influence it doesnt feel worth it to me getting a random access for 3 influence and 3 creds and a click. 4.How are u making blackmail happen? what if the corp doesnt have bad pub? 5. for the cards you are playing with 3 costs and more i dont feel u have enough economy for that. 6. Keep building and messing with his build, hes soo strange to build to, but there are definite some staples that u need to have and one of them is heartbeat.

Whats the whole idea with inside jobs? and apocalypse is far from a win. i know it feels like you are winning because u blew up all of their stuff lol but it definitely doesnt give u 7 points hehe. anyways keep building to him, and play testing it and u'll see the things u need to have for him. i see soo much nbn tag n bag or tag n hurt these days.

4 Nov 2015 lolpaca

DDoS and Inside Jobs are the Apocalypse-enablers. With a DDoS and enough Jobs, they need at least 3 ice on a central server to stop you accessing all three in a turn.

I'm well aware it's a shit deck though, just made it for the lols really :P