Faustian Apex

king_mob 106

Best iv gotten so far with old tentacle fingers.

Sort of a write up here, mostly notes on this build and Apex in general: http://forum.stimhack.com/t/thats-not-a-virtual-resource-the-apex-thread/4708/389?u=king_mob

Its a good thread and if your into Apex you should read the whole thread anyway.

5 Nov 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Turing, Bro, Turing.

5 Nov 2015 king_mob

Yes, Turing is a card. Its also clickable, and dies to prey unless over a remote. You can happily run a remote once against any deck that will have Turing in it. You have enough money to smash through Ash. Until i see Turing over a remote in RP i'm not going to worry.

5 Nov 2015 king_mob

Also, worse case scenario - Apocalypse, Bro, Apocalypse.

5 Nov 2015 siahofmars

@king_mob i tinkered with the idea of faust in apex, and i do think it is def a sort of necessary (other breaker). i think u can do better than chop bot though, i have tried chop bot countless times with em, and it feels counter intuitive to him, because u are using precious facedown cards for breaking to cycle more cards. i think the influence can be spent elsewhere for sure. also if u needed even more influence, u could get rid of lucky find. and go with DayJob. my big problem i am still trying to figure out with apex is how to not get midseasoned. or recover from midseason in a sort of midseason beale deck. i think after taking out chopbot and/or some lucky find, u can put some dayjob and also then have room for Legwork :). and how to not take tags from gutenburg /data raven etc... Dorm Computer is amazing in apex. anyways all in all i like the faust pick.

5 Nov 2015 siahofmars

@king_mob with keeping alot of the cards u chose and style u chose, heres my tweaked rendition of the deck.


7 Nov 2015 Myriad

If you are packing faust, my advice would be to just shove in safety first and brain cages. This way you can actually get some decent passive draw.

Otherwise, just avoid Fuast right now in Apex. Its fine, but its far from ideal.