Who Needs A Butcher... 1.5

Spica 1

I started playing with the following deck from @DazmO: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/25173/who-needs-a-butcher-australian-nationals-2015-winner

I made the following changes to suit my play style: -1 Lockdown -1 Blacklist -1 Markus 1.0 -1 Chronos Project -1 Chairman Hiro -1 Profiteering -1 Gila Hands Arcology -2 Eli 1.0 -1 Swordsman -1 Kitsune

+2 Datapike +2 Back Channels +2 Quicksand +1 The Future Perfect +1 Cerebral Overwriter +1 Psychic Field +1 Neural Katana +1 Tsurugi

I have won more games than I should in jintek.net with this deck. Once you get used to installing agendas, leaving them unprotected and slow advancing them, you will find that your laughing at the screen wondering why the runner isn't hitting those remotes. The only thing more fun than that is when the runner hits the Cerebral Overwriter that you just Mushin'ed.

12 Nov 2015 SolitaryBee

I like the inclusion of Quicksand, which might be very effective on centrals. How do you feel about the substitution for Eli after some play testing?

Also, how often are you playing Back Channels, versus it taking up HQ space?