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supazio 8

Eater + Fork/Knife/Spooned are used to trash Ice. Eater also powers Account Siphon and Wanton Destruction. I would be running Keyhole, but I don't have the data pack yet.

The idea is to trash any ice on R&D, then use Medium + Demolition Run to dig through the corp deck in consecutive runs. Gravedigger also takes advantage of trashing ice.

Levy AR Lab Access is critical for being able to go through the deck again, make sure to have it- or a way to recur it- as your deck starts getting low.

6 Nov 2015 RollTheDice

This looks really interesting -- I don't know why I didn't think about eater with the silverware, either thematically or mechanically.

Also, naming decks after DDR tracks is A+ tier.

7 Nov 2015 Myriad

As a hardcore MaxX player here are a few thoughts.

1.) You probably don't need x3 demo run. I would only run x2 at the most and probably go down to x1, its good, but questionable with x3 eater.

2.) No datasuckers? Those seem like they would save you cash and let you pull insta parasites. Pretty standard. I might even drop x1 gravedigger or x1 imp to make it happen. You won't regret these.

3.) No Keyhole? In a solo eater deck, Keyhole gets you a lot of mileage because of how well it works with Eater.

The sad fact of the moment is that there are five pieces of ICE that will just hose this deck. Wraparound, Turing, Architect, Crick and Swordsman. You have very few counter plays to them in this deck.

Eater is probably my favorite icebreaker in the game, but you will likely need something to ride sidecar, just to make sure you can get an access in when you need it. My suggestion is faust or knight.

Last point, put DDoS and some more economy in this deck. It will serve you well.

Keep partying hard!