in the 90s we were wired and well connected

notrocketscience 19

I've wanted to try Sunny out since D&D was spoiled. Jak Sinclair + John Masanori + datasuckers is a fun econ+draw engine. Security Nexus looks like a beast once you get it installed. Traffic Jam might help me avoid straight up losing to anything rushy or fast-advancey but probably not.

The deck name is from a Hold Steady song.

6 Nov 2015 haywire

I don't really get this engine you mentioned. Jak Sinclair and John Masanori works well, as long as there are unprotected Servers, that I understand. But what has the Datasucker to do with it and how is that econ?

6 Nov 2015 notrocketscience

You get datasucker tokens on the Jak Sinclair runs if you can get into centrals. Datasucker counters are econ because Sunny's breakers can be expensive to boost strength for, depending on the strength of the ICE. Cards are generally a type of econ because if you can get them for free, you can use your clicks to get money.

6 Nov 2015 haywire

Intresting definition of the word "econ".

But I don't think, the Datasucker-Part works. The time-Windo, when "if successful" Conditions are handled are still in the Run and since you can't use programs then, i don't think, the Datasucker gets the Token. I'm not sure though...

6 Nov 2015 notrocketscience

With this breaker suite, a datasucker counter is worth 1-2 credits compared with boosting the strength of the breakers. That's straight up economy.

Datasucker gets tokens because it's a mandatory effect and not using the program. You can't spend datasucker tokens to reduce the strength on a piece of ICE with a parasite on it though.

Jak's interaction with Medium and Nerve Agent is similar: you get the counters for the successful run but you don't get to access additional cards during that run.

This was discussed originally when Wendigo was released- you can stop a medium dig with wendigo but it still gets the counter.