Trash to draw, derez to cripple Geist

WaltDixie 21

This deck is the first I feel comfortable showing in public. It's heavily based on mrdudesir's You're are doing it wrong deck. The changes are significant though.

Main change is to have Muertos Gang Member pull more weight in the deck. Forged Activation Orders means that you can use Muertos very soon in the game. Even if a cheap ice is rezzed, I tend to use Muertos anyway and then use him after to draw 2 cards (or 1+2 if on off-campus). A second Forged late in the game is then used to kill any ice you want to avoid.

I dropped one Street Peddler since my draws are going fast enough. I added Film Critic which helps a lot against certain type of decks.

Then, less breakers and more events. Inside Job for when any breaker takes too long too appear. Legwork is mainly here for situations with glacier decks, where you cripple the corp in the early game but agendas only show up very late, and you need an insurance that you can take him out when he's turtling and has enough ice to keep your money going down.

Main weakness of the deck is against fast advance, provided they have a secure defense on HQ and that one breaker doesnt show. In this situation you want to draw aggressively by trashing muertos, Fall Guy etc etc to find that breaker you need. Only exception is when you have Calling in Favors which helps to get your economy back up against these decks. Also, Film Critic here helps against some fast advance strategies but still seems just the least bad of the available bad solutions that sync well with this deck.

Main strength of the deck is when you can kill the economy of the corp, using derez and Account Siphon. Any kind of glacier deck tends to drop dead because of the derezs. Any corp requiring several ice-protected servers tends to go down the same way.

Finally, three rather simple rules to follow which will help to avoid losses are: (1) Focus your derez suite on HQ. A reliable entry for Account Siphon is mandatory to secure an easy economy AND source of draws - and obviously helps scoring. (2) Always have your tag defense in place. Forger is there mainly for this purpose. Even if there's no risk for Scorched Earth, you are weak when your key connections get trashed. (3) Focus everything to cripple the economy - if you can, you almost always win. If it's clear that you can't AND can't syphon, draw even faster than otherwise to get everything set for focused attacks - your win rate will still be good though surely less guaranteed.