Checkmate, Cloud Edition

slobad31 537

My first attempt at Exile, based on the numerous "Chessrunner"-esque builds. The skeletal structure is largely similar. However, to deviate a bit from the norm, I wanted to embrace Exile's link, incorporating a cloud suite and some of the associated tools. Rather than run Plascrete, which can be dead for certain matchups, I went with Forger. Some testing will tell if it's enough to avoid death, but it also enable me to run Underworld Contact for further drip econ. I've also been wanting to see Security Chip in Shaper, so that joined the cloud breakers. My concern is getting all the moving pieces together without an AI, especially with one of each breaker, so I'm very much open to suggestions there. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

9 Nov 2015 Stygian

What does the Pawn install for you?

9 Nov 2015 Stygian

OH, it cycles more Pawns from heap to trigger draw? Cool. I think I figured it out.

9 Nov 2015 FarCryFromHuman

@Stygian: The Pawns are there to cycle themselves. You install a Pawn on Scheherazade, triggering it and any installed Technical Writers, and make sure you have a second Pawn in your heap. Once the installed Pawn would trigger, you swap it with the one from your heap, re-triggering Scheherezade and your Tech Writers, plus Exile's ability. It's a classic Exile econ model. In this version Deep Red isn't being run though, which seems like a poor choice to me. It really slows down the engine.

@slobad31: As above, I don't think Forger over Deep Red is a good idea. The saved from DR is huge, and you have Film Critic in faction so you can run New Angeles City Hall for tag avoidance, plus you are already running Access to Globalsec. Rabbit Hole is always there to boost your Security Chips more and does a better job of it.

9 Nov 2015 bubbathegoat

You don't need a second pawn in the heap, you have to trash the installed one to activate its effect. Thus you always have at least 1 caissain the heap when you trigger Pawn, the pawn that triggered it.

With Pawn, Scheherazade, Technical Writer, and Deep Red a runner can run on a single ICE server, trigger pawn to trash itself, reinstall itself on Scheherazade for 1c, add 1c to Technical Writer, and activate Deep Red to move the pawn back onto a 1 ICE server so its setup for the next run, and Exile: Streethawk can draw a card, all for one click.

I always want to say Knight as a powerful AI breaker makes this a viable combo, but in practice street chess always plays a little too slowly, and losing important pieces to corp over-installing hosting ICE can end the combo very easily.

10 Nov 2015 slobad31

Thanks so much! I must admit, I totally whiffed on Deep Red's role in the combo, having never played Exile myself. I'll be posting a revised version momentarily, with your much-appreciated recommendations :)