The Book of Kate

nobo 1823

10 Nov 2015 Groober

This deck is inspired. With d4vid, in one fell swoop, you've solved problems and created deck slots. All of us on team UK were struck down by fan boy passion by the list. it's some large percent vs fastro and just so good against the field. Great job. Any chance of same old sneaking in?

How many did it drop overall?

10 Nov 2015 sruman

I can attest to being inspired and fearful when seeing the d4v1d hit the table in King of Servers. And the clot + sac clone is just mean .... (oh neh ... you don't have 2 cvs' ready and waiting ... that's too bad). Slotting a 1-of symmetric for 3rd Quality Time would seem like a reasonable swap in an otherwise great twist on PPK.

10 Nov 2015 nobo

@Groober The deck dropped two games, the one against you and one against Brandon Haulk where I hit a pretty bad mull. You could cut a QT for Same Old, but without Stimhack the only good target is Legwork.

11 Nov 2015 Saan

Here's a weird thought. After seeing Timmy's Whizzard deck with a Test Run in it, I noticed a cool synergy between it and D4v1d, where he could Test Run it up, make a couple runs using it, then it went to the top of his deck where he could draw it and reinstall with fresh counters later. I was thinking about the best way to try to fit D4v1d into Prepaid Kate to test it, and lo and behold, you basically built that deck.

So what do you think about slotting a single Test Run in a deck like this? It might turn out to be wholly unnecessary, as maybe the additional counters aren't needed, but the idea seems interesting to me. So long as you can make a couple runs where you use them (or if there are enough barriers/5+ Str ICE subs on a single server), it might be kinda good, especially if the Test Run is reduced by the PPVPs. As I said, it might be unneeded, since Kate doesn't generally make tons of runs over the course of the game, and a good Kate player will usually have enough Lady counters to be able to see a game through without having to try too hard. However, with d4v1d also in the deck, it might be worth at least a look.


11 Nov 2015 Iron_Soul

Hey @Saan, where did you find Timmy's Whizzard deck? I've been trying to find it everywhere...

11 Nov 2015 Saan

@Iron_Soul Haven't found it, just remember cards from his matches.

11 Nov 2015 Groober

It's on stimhack.

12 Nov 2015 Iron_Soul


13 Nov 2015 Trenzor

SOT could hit the Levy though so you don't need to hold it all game, no?

13 Nov 2015 nobo

@Saan I never really ran out of David counters, and if David is the only target than I don't really see the need. What would you cut?

@Trenzor I think you need a better reason than just not wanting to hold the Levy. What are you going to cut?

14 Nov 2015 Trenzor

I think one of the QT would be the only option. I'm going to give this version a go and see how she feels though. Looks like a great build.

16 Nov 2015 Saan

Yeah, -1 QT was my cut too. Lady is another decent target, but after testing I do agree that it's just not needed for either. It ends up being more cute than good. However, I really didn't miss the third QT, so I might just throw an Escher in and call it a stew.

19 Nov 2015 Smashman

I had an issue with lack of SOT for the Levy yesterday. Without a SOT, you potentially have to hold the Levy for a large part of the game, which is really undesired. If you trash it, then why have it at all?

I considered dropping the R&DI, as there's already 3 Maker's Eyes and with the Levy, you can get them again.

7 Dec 2015 sruman

Been enjoying testing this deck. One thing I'm thinking about -- that I thought I never would with a Kate deck -- is the 2nd astrolabe necessary? The 5th memory seems mostly a nice to have for the 3 program + smc times, atman + 3 + d4v1d, etc. but does not seem to be anything you need until quite late in the game.
@Smashman Personally, I wouldn't drop the RDI (I'm trying with 2 of them and 2 maker's actually) since often effectively costs 2-or-less to install depending on # of technical writers out. With a well-spec'd atman can give you a solid lock for awhile.

15 Dec 2015 cwoac

I'd rather drop a TME over the RDI - the power of 4 deep digs is not to be sniffed at.