Surf's Up! (World's 2015)

Zouavez 156

I've been testing this deck for the past few months and made some modifications before playing it at World's. I don't recall exactly, but I think it went 5-3 on the day.

Most notably, the deck is no longer breakerless, as it has 2 Faust. Faust allows for early facechecking as well as a backup method of access. It fits well with e3 and Earthrise Hotel and its weaknesses are mitigated by the rest of the deck. For example, Turing is a simple matter of painting it a barrier, surfing, and breaking for free with Quetzal.

This deck is hilarious when it works, but can still win games without Paintbrush/Surfer due to the power level of Faust and Medium. Watch out for Architects, they cost 3 cards to break and you don't want to faceplant into them.