The Walrus and the Carpenter

falseidol 417

This is the updated version of the deck I took to first in the Stimhack Store Champs Qualifier last spring. Its won a few little locals since then, and while it is ungilded in its D&D form, I wanted to share the deck and be a part of the reinvigorated Blue Sun conversation. As always, shout out to @Bblum for setting the wheels in motion, and you'll see a number of ways our decks have evolved similarly, and where they have diverged. Let's talk cards!

Agendas: Global Food Initiative: Priority Requisitions and High Risk Investment have both been solid options for me in the past, and GFI being a blank 5/3 can be sub-optimal. But, my experience has been that the path to victory is usually to drag the runner through as many ICE as possible, as many times as possible--if its not a powerful multi-access, I'm not worried about it. GFI then, makes sure the runner has to score more times than I do, and my sparsely defended centrals (usually, if it costs them 3-5 per run, I stop icing the towers), just greatly lowers the risk on my end for not worrying about centrals. Considerations: going down to one GFI, +1 NAPD, +1 Oaktown Renovation, +1 closed accounts, cutting probably my precious Root and maybe an interns, as I've been using them much less recently. Closed Accounts keeps Account Siphon Spam honest, and while I can survive the hits, runners getting +10 too often, too cheaply, can still lose games.

Oaktown Renovation and NAPD Contract: honestly, its kind of a tossup, mix and match as you like. For every time I've been happy to crank an Oaktown for multiple turns, I've had them scooped out of a central tricked out of the remote. And for every time I've gotten them to hit an NAPD and weep, I've been the one weeping as I throw my precious money at a blank 4/2. Though with Valencia everywhere right now, I might caution against 3x NAPD because scoring a 5/2 is gross. Plus plenty of runners will install a film critic, making NAPD less trouble to steal.

Assets: Corporate Town is some new hotness, combats those wireless pavilion decks quite effectively, while still letting you blow up a Kati Jones or ProCo just about as easily as a Contract Killer. Public Support feeds the Corporate Town as well as Archer, and in general keeps the runner honest just like a scored hostile takeover. The Root, could be a Launch Campaign or Private Contracts or something else, to an extent, its a flex economy slot, but Root CAN combo with rezzing Adonis, advancing Okatowns, or pumping wormholes, in a way other econ options don't. I also found Launch Campaign to be too strenuous on your ID ability, and is much trickier to play naked for a round. Even just getting them to run/trash an unrezzed Root is a decent swing in your favor.

ICE: 3x Assassin has been amazing, they are good on just about any server, and two subroutines really helps with taxing D4v1ds, a problem I found this deck to often get bullied by cheap D4v1d recursion. Even with the linked-up runners, a 5 credit tax on 2 link ain't nothing. I did cut the Caduceus, because walking through them potentially for 1 credit is not an option, and I don't want to be too permeable to traces. Architect or Tollbooth could be a judgement call, I like Architect to fill the space of Caduceus, and Wormholes are fantastic with all the new options to trash a program, zap some net damage, or fire an architect sub, that I don't mind losing Tollbooth so much. Architects are also great in the event of the Apocalypse, and generally forcing a mimic install, which is then only really useful for a couple of ICE that still provide a reasonable tax.

Before Assassins, I liked Orion as an expensive gear check, you're just going to pick it up again, but the runner has to be be able to break it in order to bully a rez out of you, or its going to nuke their rig, I think Assassin provides a reasonable alternative to that, though you could certainly cut an Assassin for an Orion and see how that feels (but the general cost of ICE in this deck is already a bit higher, hence my trepidation about Orion). I don't like it as an OAI target, because of how many ways runners have to break it cheaply.