Hunger Games

gumonshoe 2973

Apex is HUNGRY! Hungry for games!

One of the biggest problems with apex is not getting anything out of the installations you're making. One of the biggest problems with chess pieces is that they don't do a ton for you once their on the board. But together, I think there's a nice synergy where the things you thought were bad are better than you realized. And Knight has a decent synergy by allowing Apex to break that which can't eat. And when Knight has accomplished the goal, well, Apex will heat him too.

We are all play things on the chess board that is Apex's dinner plate.


11 Nov 2015 Ajar

When you Apocalypse, Corp cards are trashed before Runner cards are turned face down, so Caissas hosted on the Corp's ice go to your heap. Some kind of recursion would be synergistic, but I don't know how necessary it is.

11 Nov 2015 gumonshoe

I think you can probably mitigate that by just trashing the caissa to endless hunger to break ice when Apex tires of mortal games, flips the table, and then eats it.

11 Nov 2015 thesm17

I shouldn't like this so much... but I can't help myself!

11 Nov 2015 thesm17

In all seriousness, is there enough MU? I know you'll have 3 to use for Caissa's, but is that enough? Mabye setting up more than that is pointless when the Apocalypse comes.

Who plays chess with more than 3 pieces anyway?

11 Nov 2015 gumonshoe

It's like you think I've actually played this. Go play it and report back: :P