Weyland Teaching Deck

magikot 1976

My Weyland teaching deck inspired by the fanmade Netrunner tutorial "Why I Run" on nagnazul.com

Loaded with transaction econ to get the most out of the ID. Hostiles and empty geothermals fuel the Archers. Snare and scorched can go for the kill. Almost all of the ice is hard ETR.

EDIT: Ooops. Clicked the wrong ID. It's supposed to use BABW not BWBI.

16 Nov 2015 t-lor

So now u have a ton of money from al the clearances. But no way to tag, except if the runner is stupid enough to run a snare last click.

And the only decent stopping ice u got are 3 hadrians walls, and 3 archers. Which isnt that much.

So whats the gameplan exactly. just try to outrush em ?

19 Nov 2015 magikot

There's a reason I called this a teaching deck. The game plan is to teach new players how the game works. This isn't meant to be a good deck, but it is simple, each card is easy to understand what it does, and it show cases a lot of different aspects of the game. If I make a run on HQ and see a Scorched in hand I'll make sure to run last click until I hit the Snare and they can see what tagging is and how tag punishment works. After they get a handle on the basics I swap out the Blue Levels for Sea Source to make the deck more proactive in tagging the runner.

It's meant to be played against my CT Teaching Deck here: netrunnerdb.com