Boardroom Blitz (v1.1)

Ajar 1606

3-0 at FFG's March monthly (7th out of 20+ players, 4-2 overall). I'll be sticking with this at least until Honor & Profit, including in at least one more Store Championship and another FFG monthly.

The only change from 1.0 is +2 Anonymous Tip, +2 Subliminal Messaging. With 3x Jackson and 2x Anonymous Tip, I was comfortable going from 40 cards to 44. I didn't have any trouble getting SanSans/Biotics.

2x Subliminal turned out to be a nice add. After scoring an Astro or Beale, the deck is often low on money. Subliminal is a nice way to net an extra credit here and there to keep me afloat. The other option would be 2x Restucture, but if I'm over 10 credits I'm almost always about to rez a SanSan or play at least one Biotic Labor.

Grim is clutch, but you have to time your rez properly. Sniping an Opus, which I did twice at the tourney, is huge.

I've never needed to take the full 15c from Profiteering. 10c seems to be the right answer almost every time.

When Guard comes out, I'll probably swap in 2x for a Wraparound and a Grim.

4 Mar 2014 norwegiangeek

Have you ran this with RSVP at all? It's outside the reach of Yog.0 on it's own and can really put some teeth behind your other relatively small ice.

My first thought would be -1 Wrap and -1 Enig for +2 RSVP but it also seems like I'm trying to force it in when it's possibly not needed.

I was also at the store and got a kick of our watching you play that pre-tournament match and was pyched to see you post this decklist, thanks.

4 Mar 2014 Ajar

Cool. :)

I thought about RSVP when I was building the deck, but was concerned about opening hands with RSVP and nothing else. It's pretty rare for me to get more than one server with multiple ice in front of it, and the only place I want RSVP is my scoring remote -- which normally has either one Tollbooth or one Chimera in front of it.

With 3x SanSan and 3x Biotic, I'm actually not been too concerned if a Runner spends 5c trashing my SanSan, or 7c if they're Criminal and Inside Job it to get past Chimera/Tollbooth. Doing that sets them back and delays the start of R&D digs -- those are the biggest threat to the deck and the secondary reason for including so much draw. Similarly, my ice is also a tax -- each piece of ice forces the Runner to go get a specific breaker, which slows them down and opens scoring windows for me.

Having said all of that, 3x Wraparound did feel like one too many, so until Guard is available I could test with a single RSVP and see if I like it when I draw it.