Sunny Taps Out

CodeMarvelous 19829

So the original idea for this deck build came from a Philly meta friend who goes by Kumohara on

Set up pretty quick gain three credits for the first Ice you encounter in perpetuity.

Use her breakers to medium dig.

12 Nov 2015 sruman

Solid Sunny build. I've been experimenting with various sunny builds over the last few weeks (about 20ish games). Believe me, you want to find influence for Zu, Striker is just horrible on every popular code-gate. Maybe if you're in a Wormhole, ArchAngel heavy meta .... otherwise paying 4 credits to break enigma is just going to make you want to flip the table. Power tap seems like it might be able to go, or maybe a modded + 2 power taps. As hilarious as PT is once you have Security Nexus up ( I'll skip your ice and give 3 credits ... thanks ), it's timing dependant and with all that drip the money will be kinda superflous (as opposed to when you have to break anything with Striker in early/mid game). Maybe -1 DD, -3 PT, +1 EH, +2 Zu, +1 Symmetric. Just a thought.

Nice econ package though, will be just oppressive in the late game.

12 Nov 2015 Dothanite

I played a deck very similar to this on Jnet about a month ago - it was fantastic and I couldn't do a dang thing about it once it was set up. Worst part was I ran alot of Tract Ice - Data Raven, Resistor, Gutenberg, etc. Not a single care in the world from this guy.

Great deck, will be experimenting on this later myself.

12 Nov 2015 GrantZilla1979

Power Tap - the card that made everybody say "HUH?!?" when it came out - taken to its zenith in this build.

Sunny decks in general don't do much for me, but this one is just jankariffic enough for me to try. Bravo!

12 Nov 2015 AsteriskCGY

I wonder if Multithreader has a place here.

13 Nov 2015 CodeMarvelous

The original list had multithreader but there were too many targets for modded

13 Nov 2015 skydivingninja

Oh my god I completely forgot Power Tap was a card. That's kind of genius. I love these kinds of decks.

14 Nov 2015 lukesim3

GS Striker M1, the only card @srumanhates more than Faust.

14 Nov 2015 AsteriskCGY

Now how would you go about adding scorch protection here? I also wanted to fit in Data Dealer because News Team. Also helped me clear midseason tags, but eh.

21 Nov 2015 BayushiOliveira

Played this deck three times yesterday. Very good, very funny, a bit slow but really a beast once it gets going. Career Fair wasn't as impressive, and Kati Jones also was not very useful. I'll make some changes -3 Career Fair, -1 Kati Jones, +1 Drug Dealer, +2 Film Critic, +1 New Angeles City Hall, and see how that works out.

29 Nov 2015 str4atman

Took this deck and Dan D'argenio's Foodcoats to the Malaysian Nationals and ended up as 1st seed after Swiss, and 5th place overall (out of 29 players). Thanks for the list @CodeMarvelous!

Changes I made were

-1 Kati Jones -1 Security Nexus -1 GS Striker M1 -2 Medium

+1 Zu.13 Key Master +2 Plascrete Carapace +2 R&D Interface

29 Nov 2015 sruman

Congrats @str4atman, how many NEH fastro did you face on the day? I can't get a reasonable Sunny build that doesn't have a bad matchup against Fastro.

30 Nov 2015 str4atman

@sruman None at all actually! The local meta was mostly HB foodcoats and Weyland glaciers.

This deck got 3 wins (Spark Agency, PE and EtF), 1 loss (EtF) and 1 draw (EtF again!).

I took Sunny partly as a meta call, but also because I wanted to see how far she would go in a competitive setting, and was pretty pleased at the results. If I took a faster Corp deck, she might well have turned that draw into a win.

Don't bring her if your meta is full of NEH fastro, obviously. :)